Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Checklist Before You Buy Property in India

Buying a new property is exciting but also a very tedious work that needs a lot of caution. The property should be verified in various ways before buying it. You really like the new projects in Ahmedabad and you are planning to buy it. But you are confused how to go about with the procedure? Let us help you out. You should keep some things in your mind before buying the property. Or better yet, make a checklist.

Legal issues

It is very important to check the title deed of the property. It is necessary that the property you are about to buy should be under the name of the seller. In fact you should try and look out for the original papers and not copies. This will also give you an information about the kind of usage permitted on the property, whether it is residential or commercial or both.
Buy Property

Land measurement

It is necessary that you measure the property before buying it. There are high chances that the seller has put wrong figures in the documents. So, it is very important to measure the land confirm, before you buy it.

Kind of property

It is advisable to find out if the property is leasehold, freehold or government accommodation. Leasehold property means you can live on the property rightfully for a given amount of time. Freehold property on the other hand means the land on which the property is built is owned by you. In most cases it is better to have a freehold property.

Pledged land 

Many a times, people take loans from banks to buy properties. You must make sure that the seller ahs paid his dues before you buy the property. It is very important for the seller to have the Release issued from the bank.

Check receipt and bills

Our government takes property taxes from us, while buying a new property we must ensure that the seller has paid his taxes and has a receipt of the transaction. We must also check if the other bills like electricity, water and taxes are paid and not left behind for the new owner to pay. If any other notices or applications that concern the property are in question, they must be taken care of at ones. When you buy the property, no bill, nothing should be kept pending by the seller.

Certificate of Encumbrance 

Encumbrance certificate certifies that the property is not mortgaged. This certificate is available at the sub registrar’s office. In case if the land is mortgaged or has any dues pending, they must be paid by the seller before he sells the property.
One must be very sure about the property and also the documents before buying the property. This helps to avoid the legal problems, if any. The documents of the land on which the property is located should also be checked before finalizing the deal. It is important to check all the documents, bills, receipts and certificates before you put your money in it. The new projects in Ahmedabad look very promising, now that you have checklist, go grab the new flats in Ahmedabad. You must to have a healthy discussion with the seller about the property. Make him tell you every smallest detail of the property and also the locality. If you are planning to stay in the house, you must know what kind of people and things you will be dealing with. You should know everything about these new flats in Ahmedabad.  It is best to have ones doubts and queries before going on with the transactions.
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Increase Price to Increase Demand

When something is more expensive, it must be better. This is a typical consumer mindset. The logic behind this assumption is simple: I do not know what materials are used to make the final product I use, however the manufacturer who uses the best raw materials to make a quality product will also charge the most for the same product. So logically the most expensive product in its class is also likely to be the best therein. The entire premium market segment survives on this mindset.

Make the customer desire the ‘exclusive’ product

Even those manufacturers who are not using the most expensive materials in production have now begun to price their products exorbitantly. This is in light of the idea that in order to make a man covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain. Consider Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain’s book, painting a fence on a holiday. It is dreadfully tedious work and young Tom has been given the task as a punishment by his aunt. There is nothing Tom would like better than to laze but he must finish this task.
Increase Price to Increase Demand

Then the genius uses a superb marketing technique and sells the task to his friends as something that only a true artist can be trusted to do. Not just anyone could wield a brush and create master stokes! What was so far an undesirable chore, was suddenly converted into an activity that all his friends yearned to do. So much so that they were willing to pay Tom in order to have the privilege of painting a section of the fence. Tom sits back in the shade while his friends finish painting the fence.

Create a demand for your product even if none exists

So what if it’s expensive and of not much practical use, I can afford it. That is the reaction the marketer is hoping to invoke in the customer. Consider the case of Tahitian black pearls. James Assael was an Italian diamond dealer who made his fortune selling waterproof Swiss watches to the American army in WWII. After the war he was left with a huge inventory that the Americans didn’t want. Now Assael sold the watches to the Japanese who could not pay cash but bartered them for pearls.

His son Salvador Assael made a killing with pearls and attracted the attention of a Frenchman called Jean-Claude Brouillet in French Polynesia. Assael was told about the black lipped oysters that produced black pearls. There was no demand for this particular product at the time, but Assael invested in them and took them to Harry Winston, a legendary gemstone dealer. He put the black pearls up in his Fifth Avenue store with an outrageously expensive price tag, and the rest as they say is history. Today Tahitian black pearls are considered the most exotic and sought after in the world.

In order to increase the demand for your product it is necessary for the customer to associate it with exclusivity and a status symbol. This works especially well in the premium products range. The more expensive the product the more desirable it becomes.

If you plan to get out of debt by setting up your own shop, keep this little psychology lesson in mind. Set up a fancy store/website. Make sure to package your goods well, let people associate a sense of luxury or rarity with it. This will not be easy. The product will actually have to be outstanding. Make it easy to buy - not by pricing it low - but by accepting credit cards and offering convenient shipping options. Let your product be one of the kinds that people like to boast about having purchased. And then watch your sales grow!
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Tips To Achieve A Financially Secured Post Retirement Life

Are you a saver of your monthly income? You might not be saving much in case your expenses are high. If this is the case then you be better careful. You are not aware of the up coming days and if you do not have proper financial backup for retirement, you might face difficulties. If you save on time it will help you manage unnatural circumstances that might appear all of a sudden in your post retirement life. In case you are having outstanding credit card bills or if the case is somewhat like you will have to pay for your mortgage, then you must try to resolve such issues quickly. You will have more ability to save in time of retirement and also in your post retirement life.

How saving for retirement can provide a secured post retirement life?

If you wish to have a financially secure life in future then savings is the key to success. When you have a job you are earning a fixed income, but when you retire you are deprived of enjoying all the luxuries that you used to enjoy before. Hence saving beforehand is a worthy action. Then only would you be capable to have a secure financial future and enjoy the benefits of life. To achieve this goal the first basic step would be to cut off  unnecessary expenses. You must organize and control your spending habits and try to save cent by cent in the best possible ways. It is a common nature of people to spend a lavishly and this is the most important reason why people do not have enough savings in their post retirement life. It will be beneficial for you if you could avoid such mistake and start gathering your pennies for a secured future.

Post Retirement Life
How can a retired person preserve valuable assets?

Over the years, your hard work has helped you purchase many valuable assets and you would definitely love to preserve them. All your investments, house, car and other big assets that you would have purchased all through your life is certainly valuable. They are the fruits of your hard earned money and if you do not save for the future you might have to lose the items in your retirement period. You need to  make enough savings to meet your basic requirements so that you need not borrow money from others to survive. If you have any loans then you must try paying off loans in time to safeguard your assets.

You have worked hard all through your life and it is most obvious that you would expect to have a peaceful life when you could be I leisure and enjoy the golden period of your life. Its better to learn to manage your personal finances and live within your means to achieve the goal of financial security. One very important but neglected fact is that usage of plastic money incurs a lot of debt. If you could reduce the usage and habit of using plastic money too often then you could save a lot of money. If you have enough savings then you can be sure that you can enjoy a secured financial life with no worries.
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Outstanding Ideas To Help You Gather The Money For A Mortgage Deposit

Many people find that the requirement for hefty mortgage deposits as an obstacle that they will never overcome. With the need to raise about twenty percent of the cost of the home and pay it upfront, that is hardly surprising.
Mortgage Deposit

Often, patience is the key to success. You want to buy a house now; that is understandable. Just because you can’t raise the cash immediately doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream. If you make long-term plans, you might be able to buy a house. Work hard, save hard and think up inventive ways to bring in more money to succeed. Here is some invaluable advice to help you along the way.

Use Government Funding

Investigate any schemes that could help you to raise the money. In the United Kingdom, there is a thing called Help To Buy. The government will lend you up to fifteen percent of the cost price of the property, and you don’t have to start repaying for five years. If you do your sums, you will see that it lifts a lot of the burden off your shoulders. It leaves you to find only a five percent deposit that in many cases is manageable.

Take Another Job

If you need money, think about taking on an extra job and putting all of the earnings towards the deposit. People who live in rented accommodation sometimes have to work two jobs because the rent uses up all of their primary earnings. It is hard work, but you have to keep your eye on the prize; you won’t have to do it forever. As soon as there's enough money in the bank you can quit the second job.

Start A Business

You can work for an employer and become self-employed on the side. Thanks to the internet there are many opportunities available to you. I advise you to keep it simple. You will come across many schemes where the sellers boast of high earnings, but they are risky. Think about buying and selling on the auction websites. It isn’t as easy as it once was now the cost of postage is high, but you can still make a profit. Find items at antique fairs and car boot sales to sell online. In my experience, people will buy anything if you describe it well and take excellent photographs. Soon enough, you will have the money for the 5 bedroom ground floor flat in Barking that you desire.

Ask Mom And Dad

If your parents are mortgage-free and sitting pretty, ask them to give you the money you need. It is by far the best way to finance the deposit. If they cannot grant it, but offer to lend it to you, ask them to state it is a gift in writing. If they don’t, it will go against you as a financial commitment and could affect your chances of getting a mortgage.

Just because you must live a frugal lifestyle for a few years doesn’t mean you can’t still have some treats occasionally. If your regime is harsh, you could quickly lose enthusiasm for the project. I hope you can now proceed with confidence and raise the money you need. I did it and so have many others. Good luck!
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Tips on How to Save for Your Mortgage Deposit

Being a first-time buyer has never been so hard. The pressure we all go through to set up a nest somewhere is high, and saving for a mortgage can feel like an impossibility.

You may be in a position where you are currently renting. Saving for a mortgage deposit can be extremely tough. You will have normal household expenditure such as rent and other bills.

Whether you are saving for a 2 bedroom flat for sale in Wymondham or 4 bedroom house in Cirencester, there are some great ways you can save.
Save for Your Mortgage Deposit

Saving a mortgage deposit is a big and long term commitment. You need to be 100 percent sure that this is what you want to do. The financial marketplace is full of products that can help you save money.

Here are a few ways in which you can save for your mortgage deposit:

Cash ISA

Saving money within a cash ISA is probably the most common way in which people save money. You have the potential to earn a good rate of interest on your money. Some cash ISAs give you the chance to save up to £15,000 in the next tax year.

Traditional Savings Account

With rates at an all time low, saving money for a mortgage deposit is tough. Cash ISAs have suffered because of this. You may feel that your money would work better in a standard savings account. So, be sure to check and compare the rates of interest on both financial products.

Savings accounts do have some restrictions attached to them. You may be limited to the number of withdrawals you can make from them each year. In addition, how you withdraw money from them can be a real pain. They certainly are not as easy access as typical cash ISAs.

Instant Access versus Fixed Rate Savings Accounts

Fixed rate savings accounts are ideal for those who know that they will not need to access their funds. They tend to offer better savings rates if you promise not to access your funds over a year or longer. If saving for a mortgage is going to take time, you should utilise these fixed rate saving accounts.

Instant access savings accounts do offer some flexibility when it comes to accessing your money. However, most offer a lower rate of interest due to the instability of having the money within the account to accrue interest.
Investment Products

With saving rates so low you may be tempted to take out an investment product. This comes with their set of risks. With any investment product, they can make you money and lose your money. You are not guaranteed to take out what you put in.
Although not recommended, especially when saving for a mortgage deposit, it is good to keep your options open. Exploring this option, even if it is to rule it out, is a useful exercise.

However, you decide to save for your mortgage deposit, have a realistic and achievable plan. You will soon start seeing the benefits of your savings growing before your very eyes.
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Ways To Save Money While Moving Your Home

Moving homes can be a challenging experience, not only mentally, but also, and especially, financially. Usually people tend to move to a bigger place than their previous one which means more space which needs to be filled with new items that you might not be able to afford after you start paying your house loan monthly. You have to start looking over your finances once again, to see where you can cut your expenses. The problem is that you do not want to cut your expenses, however. You still want to afford to pay your gym membership, go on a date night with your beautiful night to a decent restaurant and not end up at a fast food chain ordering burgers and eating them next to some kids who are squirting ketchup all over their table just for the heck of it.
Moving Your HomeTo avoid this you have to find out how to save money on things that you desperately need but cannot afford at their current price. Here is where coupons come to the rescue. Since we are talking about paying out the loans, getting out of the debt, but still being able to buy items for your new place, you probably need a place that you can trust will provide huge discounts and top quality items and service. I would suggest you go to Sears. Because this shop has a huge amount of different Sears coupons available online that you can get free of charge and later save so much you will feel like you just stole that new sofa, rather than paid for it. The system of using best Sears deals is very easy. All you have to do is to go online and redeem your Sears promo codes from a website you find in your search engine. Then you go to Sears online store and explore all the options available there which are more than plenty. Once you are finished choosing what your new house needs, you proceed to the checkout window where you type in the code you received on your Sears coupon, and then the discount magically appears. The discount usually is no less than 20%, so your savings can really add up when you shop at this store. You can easily see that with sears online coupon code your savings can go over the roof and you do not have to reduce your spending on other things trying to save that precious money you worked so hard for.

All in all, moving to a new place or trying to get out of any kind of debt, paying out your loan of some sort, can be stressful and it will most likely change your spending habits because the things you could so easily afford before can no longer be purchased. But with new Sears coupons coming to help you, you can finally allow yourself go a bit wild, at least once in a while and can feel like the old self which is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Thank you, Sears for reminding me what living without boundaries feels like once again.
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Being Frugal Doesn’t Eliminate Treats

In a wayward economy it makes sense to be frugal and save for the future which may not be quite as bright as one expects it to be.  The loss of jobs and the general apathy of the economy coupled with inflation have caused more than one family inconvenience. However, by becoming sparing or economically concerned regarding food and money does not mean that treats will disappear from your life. 

Essentially treats come in two forms: Eating something special and going somewhere special. Here is how you can limit your treats in both aspects and still have fun.

Eat at Home: Cook up a Storm

One of the most common expenses is eating out. By curbing your meals eaten outside you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. Does that mean that you can no longer have an ice cream sundae each weekend? At the ice cream parlor, no, but you can fix one at half the cost sitting at home. When you consider the ingredients of a simple Hot Chocolate Fudge, you will realize that you can make the treat at home with great ease. What’s more, you will actually be able to make three sundaes at home for the cost of one in the ice cream parlor. So that is a huge saving as well as more fun for the family as they sit around the dining table and fix their own sundaes.
Being Frugal

Similarly you should pack your own lunch rather than grab a quick sandwich from a vendor and yes you should brew your own cup of coffee in the morning too. They may seem like little things but the savings do add up to a substantial bit. Simple and plain ingredients which cost little in monetary terms can be combined to provide exciting treats. A little planning and some experimentation in the kitchen is all that it takes.

Excursions on Holidays: Go to Free Places

Heading out for a day in the town on a holiday is usually a recipe for disaster when it comes to sticking to your budget. No matter how good your intentions, you will end up spending more than you intended to. In this case you need to reduce the number of excursions you take each month. Instead of heading out to a theme park, a mall, or a movie each and every weekend and spending excess money, restrict the treat to once a month. Pick a single weekend when you can do what you want to without worrying about the financial repercussions on your budget.

Other weekends can be used to take excursions to places where you will not pay too much such as a museum or a public park for a picnic. A hike in the woods or a climb up a mountain side can also be good healthy ways to spend a holiday without spending too much. There are a large number of places where you can head out to spend a day without spending any money. Just get creative about how to spend your time on holidays.

Increase Returns on Investments

While you work on curtailing your expenses to get out of debt, also work on ways to increase your income. Try to invest savings in higher return generating schemes. Consider using the services of a professional commodity trading company while making investment decisions. They can provide sound advice and good returns on your wealth, while keeping your level of risk aversion in mind.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Putting the Finishing Touches to Your New Home on a Budget

Right now, you might find that rising demand is pushing property prices up in your area. This can mean that when you move into a new home, you struggle to find the funds to add those all-important finishing touches.

However, as long as you’re savvy it is possible to perfect your pad. With a little patience, you’ll be able to achieve the results you’re after. This brief guide will show you how.

Room by room

Tackle the project of whipping your property into shape bit by bit. By starting with the most important rooms in your home, you can make the process more affordable. If any areas in your house are a particular problem right now, take these on first. For example, perhaps your bathroom is a mess or your kitchen’s an embarrassment.
Finishing Touches to Your New Home

If you don’t have any major problem areas, simply start your revamp in the spaces you use most. For example, it’s a good idea to focus on your lounge and bedroom.

By breaking your home improvements up into stages, you can ensure you don’t bust your budget. Not being able to complete your home immediately might be frustrating, but rest assured you’ll get there in the end.

Inexpensive yet effective alterations

It’s also important to be aware that certain home improvements cost very little yet have a major impact on the overall look and feel of your property. This might be welcome news if you’ve gone to the limits when looking at options for buying a home in Chandlers Ford and you don’t have much cash left.

For example, adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls costs very little and it will dramatically enhance the appearance of your rooms. Also, adding new lighting features to your property doesn’t have to cost much and it can transform the ambiance.

Simple enhancements like repainting jaded cupboard doors and replacing worn out handles on your units can make a big difference too. Also, think about investing in soft furnishings. A few new rugs and pairs of curtains could give your rooms an instant facelift.

Bag yourself some bargains

It’s also possible to be frugal when you’re searching for new furniture. You can look for bargains online, wait for sales or keep an eye out for good-quality second-hand items.

Being shrewd when you’re searching for seating, storage and other items can save you a tidy sum, so it’s well worth making the effort.

Use your skills

Another way to reduce the cost of your revamp is to put your DIY skills to the test where possible. This is cheaper than getting the professionals in. However, make sure you stick to jobs you can actually do. If you get too ambitious, you risk damaging your property and racking up potentially large repair bills. You should be able to manage straightforward tasks like painting and your skills and confidence might extend to more complex tasks such as tiling and grouting.

By following these tips when you’re putting the finishing touches to your new place, you should achieve your goals without breaking the bank in the process.
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Home Loan- Use The Offer Wisely To Make The Best Of It!

You want to make new purchases or you are interested in making somewhat huge investments. For this, you need sufficient funds and so, you will think of taking a loan.  In that case, it is advisable for you to avail a home loan. You are likely to get this loan not only easily, but also with the least delay. With the loan amount, you can make your ‘dream’ come true! As regards the utilization of the loan amount, you are the deciding authority and there will be no questions as to how you have spent the loan amount. You can use it for purpose of making a world tour with family; or for higher education of your children; or for making investments.
Home Loan

To get this home loan, one should have a house of his own. If you have a house, in your name, there are a number of companies willing to offer this loan. As a matter of fact, there is severe competition among the lenders in giving this loan. So any lender will be very much inclined to offer this loan. It is for you to go round the finance market and collect as much details as possible from different lenders in respect of their loan packages. Then you can have a study of those details and analyze the pros and cons of each offer and then finally decide whichever is suitable to your needs. While making a study of the offers, you should be alert in spotting any concealed trap in the offers.

How will you locate the traps if there are any?  The APR is considered the best yardstick for purpose of comparison among the different loan offers. But then, the method of APR calculation is not uniform. So some lenders may try to keep some charges hidden. Because of this, the loan is likely to prove somewhat expensive compared to what APR would have indicated. To simplify the calculation, for purpose of comparison, there is a simple method. You work out the total cost of the loan, of course taking into consideration the interest charges, repayment terms and other fees, if any. 

There is a provision for repayment insurance. This insurance option is advantageous to both the borrower and the lender. It ensures full payment of the loan even if you are taken ill and unable to repay the loan. Even without your asking for this insurance, lenders themselves would suggest names of such insurance companies. If you agree to their suggestion, you will end paying interest equivalent to the value of the loan amount. You need not, therefore, agree to their suggestion in the matter.  You can make it a point to visit a number of lenders you come across in the market and gather complete details of their offer packs.   

There will be some fees, called ‘arrangement fee’ or ‘origination fee’ and these fees may have to be paid along with your application. Payment of this fee is insisted by the lenders irrespective of the fact whether you have been granted the loan or not, or whether you have accepted the loan or not. This will increase the cost of the loan to a considerable extent. How much will be the cost of the loan mainly depends on the rate of interest. In this loan, there is another option available. If the interest you are paying on the loan is on the higher side and In case you would like to shift the loan to a ‘lower interest loan’, you should see that the ‘exit fee’ will not come in your way.
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