Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How To Set Up A Budget Planner

Whether you are currently in debt or not, having a clear and accurate picture of your monthly finances is important. It means that at a glance you can
  • See how much money you have spare each month – or not as the case may be
  • Plan for any known future spend
  • know at a glance your current situation if a financial emergency should occur
Whilst the majority of people know how much is going into their bank accounts each money, a surprisingly high number can’t answer immediately how much goes out -  and when. Some may know the amounts of their monthly bills and others don’t even know that much, they just work on a wing and a prayer and hope there is money in the account when they visit the ATM or go to the cashier at the store.
Whatever your situation, setting up a budget planner is important and it’s easy to do.

Setting your budget planner up

Preparation is key when looking to put it all down on either paper or on the computer, so the first step is to find out all the relevant information. This is also a time to be thorough – and honest. There’s no point in putting together a budget planner if you decide you want to conveniently ‘forget’ about certain payments such as how much you spend on your credit cards or the subscriptions you have for magazines you never read but keep forgetting to cancel.
Budget Planner

Take some time – don’t be surprised if it’s a few days – to gather everything you need. This includes salary slips, bank statements for the last few months (3 will give you a good average of outgoings), copies of your current utility bills and then documents which show any other personal finance commitments such as loans and credit card payments. You’ll also need to find every receipt you can to give yourself an idea of how much you are spending on food and other living expenses.

What to do with all the information   

Once you have everything to hand, it’s time to start committing the figures to paper or to a document on your computer. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to be a spreadsheet genius. If you’re really stuck, there are some fantastic budget calculators online to take the brain strain away from you.

Start by listing your income. This should include salary, benefits, pension, any child maintenance and any other kind of regular money which comes into the household each month. Add this up and you have your income total.

Now do the same with all your monthly outgoings. List each utility and items such as the mortgage or rent along with insurances, personal finance payments and any other regular outgoings such as subscriptions or activities such as dance class or soccer if you have children. This is the point where it’s really important to be honest – however much you may feel the total may be painful to see, there’s no point in starting something fresh knowing it’s not a true reflection. Add these up and deduct from your income.

The outcome

If your total is a positive one, this is excellent news and gives you the opportunity to look to start to find effective ways to save your extra money each month to get the best interest rates available. If the result isn’t so great and you have more going out than coming in, it’s time to start tackling the situation. Whichever side of the coin you land on, there’s always ways to cut excess spend to improve your financial situation, so this is something to now start thinking about.

If you find that you are running short each month but only by a small amount, have a look at payday loans online here where you can look to borrow enough to bring your balance sheet back into the black from the red. Use this bridging solution in conjunction with making savings where you can and once the loan is paid back on payday you’ll know that you can start the following month with a clean sheet and  build from there.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Drum Up Business in Your Shop With Fun and Quirky Ways

We all know it’s difficult these days to not only attract customers, but also to win them over as lifelong, repeat customers. With the increasing prevalence of big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target taking a lot of the everyday business away, small businesses have to think outside the box to keep and maintain their loyal local patrons. Providing friendly and personal service is of course one way of doing it, but you might want to employ some of these fun other ideas to make your business stand out and become a haven for local fun and shopping. See what you can do with these ideas.

1. Special Prizes
How to Drum Up Business in Your Shop With Fun and Quirky Ways

One way to get people to come in, and even though it sounds gimmicky, it works: have a way for patrons to win extra prizes, or little nick nacks, that they may want or not. For example, you can get a prize wheel from somewhere like http://thedisplayoutlet.com and have a customer spin it upon entering the store, or before leaving, or after a purchase, whatever you want to decide to do. The prizes should be simple of course, but you can have things like bottle openers or key chains with your store logo on them. Not only will the patrons enjoy the fun of spinning the wheel and getting a freebie, but you help spread the name of your business to the others around town.

2. Daily Deals

If you want to attract repeat customers, one great way is to have different days feature different things or ideas. Maybe if you’re a clothing store, you can have Wednesday be a day where men’s clothes are 25% off. Or you can get more creative of course – but if you give each day a theme, people may be more inclined to come in when they would maybe otherwise have waited to come on the weekend. It can almost become something area people look forward to. Oh we have to go to this store on Thursday, because they give away this delicious sweet tea – and their selection of women’s fashion is impeccable!

Daily Deals

3. Free Food

No one, and I mean no one, doesn’t like a little bit of free food to nosh on. Why do people go to Whole Foods, because of their over-priced goods? No, it’s the free samples! You can take a page out of their book and offer free snacks every day. They don’t have to be anything crazy or expensive, and in fact you can make them yourself and it’ll be a very low cost endeavor. 

Free Food

Free cookies or crackers, and coffee, can make your shop a destination instead of a storefront to pass by on the way to Target. Everyone has a bit of a snack addiction, and you can capitalize on that. Even baby carrots and hummus will get your store full of new friends and patrons.
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Banc de Binary Trading

I want to take some time and talk about a Banc de Binary Review and take a closer look at one of the giants of binary options trading. The company was founded in 2008 and is one of the first to hit the market. They have more experience than most binary options brokers out there and that is something that facts can prove. These facts I will enumerate in this article after which you will be able to decide if this company suits you or not.

With over 90 assets this company covers most of the needs of any experienced trader offering them the chance to build numerous strategies using the latest trading methods and the highest payout percentages which can reach on average up to 91% for normal trades and for One Touch it can go up to 500%, an outstanding number.

Binary Trading

Banc de Binary also offers a return percentage up to 15% which is the highest any binary options broker has gone. A closer look at the trading platform will show you that precision and professionalism where the two base words when they built it.

Made to help you focus on the important aspects of binary options trading this platform is fully web based which means that there is no need for any software download. That is a great way to save time and money because market events which may affect the outcome of an asset do not necessarily happen in working hours, thus the customer can log form anywhere at any time and take advantage of the situation and win great amounts of money.

I also need to mention the seven awards this company has won over the years for best service, best brokers and best platform. They know how to draw in clients using incredible offers and bonuses to help them get on their feet. Bonuses though good come with a certain attachment and you need to be aware of it. Reading the Terms will show you that by accepting the bonus you must win that same amount a few times over depending on the company, to withdraw it.

First read the terms then accept the bonus, it is not mandatory and you can avoid it if you wish to. Moving on to the customer support which is impressive. They offer multiple ways of contact which are as follow: E-mail, Telephone support in several languages (numbers are displayed at their contact section) and Skype support which is the most frequently used because it’s almost instant and the service is great.

Let’s take a closer look at the incredibly well made accounts this company is offering to all binary options traders who wish to start investing with them.

First we have the Micro Silver Account, you can activate this account by depositing a sum between 250 and 2,500 (EUR,GBP,USD), it’s the most basic account and best suited for beginners.

Next we have the Standard Gold Account with a minimum deposit between 2,501 and 5,000 (EUR,GBP,USD), this account is recommended for those with some experience.

Moving on to the Personal Broker Reserved Account with a deposit that ranges from 5,001 to 50,000 (EUR,GBP,USD) and comes with a personalized investment service and plenty perks.

Lastly we have the VIP Lions Club Account with sums of 50,000 + (EUR,GBP,USD) and is recommended only for the veteran traders who know how to invest.

Starting at Banc de Binary is easy, a trader can begin investing with ease, taking advantage of the bonuses and high payout percentages the company is offering. With the best trading platform out there and outstanding resources winning money is really easy at this company.
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Exterminating Your Credit Card Debt On Your Own

The debt phenomenon is plaguing the entire US economy and though the US government has just raised the debt ceiling to avert the risk of yet another national debt default, what is the actual condition of the laymen? How high is their personal debt ceiling? Are they taking any particular steps that can help them contain their spurring expenses? It has been seen that there is a sudden rise in the number of people who are rushing to professional companies to get out of debt but is it the only way out? Can’t the debtors take some solid steps towards their rising debt problems so that they can get back on the right financial track? Well, there are ways in which you can eradicate your high interest debts on your own. Check out some steps that you may take to reduce your debt burden and live a debt free life.

Craft a frugal budget

Most people think that frugal budget is nothing but pinching your pennies but this is far from being true. Living a frugal life is nothing but spending your hard-earned bucks on the necessities and not on the wants. You must learn to distinguish between wants and needs so that you can prioritize your expenses while buying yourself things. A budget can help you track your monthly income and expenditure and thereby assist you in monitoring your savings. Evaluate the budget at the end of the month so that you can make changes wherever necessary.

Credit Card Debt

Make a list of your debts

Unless you make a list of the total amount of debts that you owe, it is impossible for you to take any solid step towards removing it. Take a pen and paper and write down the principal amount, the interest rates and the due dates on all your accounts. This will enable you to get a clear idea of the total amount that you owe the principal amount and the interest rates in detail.

Save enough money

You must save enough money so that you may be able to build an emergency fund that may come of use when you meet sudden financial emergencies. Spend less than what you make in a month so that you can lead a life that is within your means. Make sure you spend at least 10% of what you earn in a month so that you can at least have enough money with which you can repay debt with ease.

Restrict the usage of your credit cards 

You must restrict the usage of your credit cards as much as possible so that it is easier for you to stop accumulating further debt. Carry cash instead of credit so that you can easily avoid the risk of falling in high interest debt. Buying something with credit must be a way that should be adopted only during an emergency.

As you continue taking the above mentioned steps, you must make sure that you negotiate with your creditors too. You need to tell them about your financial hardship so that they can negotiate and alter the terms and conditions on your loan and make it favorable for you. You can effortlessly get out of debt by making simple monthly payments to them.
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Put the money saving habit as a framework of your life

For lack of sufficient financial knowledge many people don't realize the importance of saving money. Other way round people who gained stable wealth made contributions to different personal funds compulsory and this is one of the main reasons of their success. Unfortunately young people usually don't have another teacher who will help them to master all financial issues except of life experience. But it is vital to equip yourself with the knowledge of what money is and how to deal with it in the most efficient way. 

money saving habit

Money saving strategy is not just frugal habits development and buying only the cheapest things. Of course it will help you to collect some amount but here is also important what you are saving for. Unless you are easily able to afford buying any luxuries of life frugal habits are your loyal assistants on this route. Here are some directions which are worth disbursing your money to.

1. Emergencies. Not any person is insured from unexpected events which bring financial challenges. Of course if you don’t have an insurance policy but still in case you have money expenses put a drain on your wallet. Using the service of even best cash advance lenders entails huge repayments of the interest. But if you create an emergency fund and put there some percentage of each paycheck you will not just be able to overcome financial challenges and to avoid tension which is connected to the lack of cash but also to get a profit in the form of bank percentage on your deposit account.

2. Investments. Saving money on a bank account is a good deal but the yield percentage is too low that is why part of your income should be invested. There are different options to invest money starting from launching a business and ending with buying and selling stocks. Before you chose investment tools and strategies you need to get much knowledge about how to do it effectively in order not to blow off all your money.

3. Fund for special events.
Events like wedding, buying a car, tuitin and so on require large sum of one-time payment. Unless you have high incomes from your investments salary will not be able to cover such expenses. In order to avoid taking out a bank loan, repaying huge amount of interest, risking to build the debt and to spoil a credit score it is better to think about it beforehand and to collect the necessary sum by conserving part of each paycheck.

4. Retirement fund. You have heard much about the necessity to save some money on your retirement and treat it seriously. Governmental maintenance will not let you enjoy your life in a senior age if you don't have other income sources. Once you feel your feet on the ground start making contributions to the retirement fund.

Such approach to money will help you to easily collect the necessary sum to pay for all needs and wishes. Moreover this is a perfect way to gain everlasting wealth. So take charge of your life and don't let it just pass by you.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Are You Budgeting for Your Retirement?

Budgeting is a skill we can all use in a multitude of ways to ensure we have a better lifestyle and a better financial outlook on life. This article explains how budgeting can also help when it comes to our retirement years.

Budgeting is useful in lots of different ways. We can use it to ensure we don’t live beyond our means on a monthly basis. We can use it to free up extra cash when we need it. We can also use it to plan ahead so we can find some additional cash to save up for the future.

The latter example is particularly appropriate here as we can also use this example to help us amass enough cash to put into a healthy pension pot. Budgeting will help you in lots of ways when it comes to your retirement and the sooner you can start using this method the better.


For starters a budget will help you put away as much as you can to build up a healthy pension pot as quickly as possible. The more you have in your pot the easier it is to build up a bigger fund to draw on when you retire. Even budgeting an extra £20 a month could make an enormous difference over the space of two or three decades. Taking the time to sit down and plan your budget with the future in mind is a very good idea indeed. You can also plan your budget for the present day at the same time, so you can really get hold of your finances.

Another good point to note is you can make more than one budget. Obviously you can assess your finances now to see how much you can afford to put away for later. But you can also consider what you would like your finances to be like when you retire, so you can better plan for that time.

This isn’t easy to do, especially if your retirement is still a decade or two (or even more) away. However you can set goals for that time and use these to help you plan ahead. For example do you aspire to take a world cruise when you eventually retire? Perhaps you would like to go to Australia for six weeks to visit relatives you have never have a chance to see while you are working? These goals are admirable but you will need the cash to make them happen. 

When you start putting this information down on paper you can start to see whether your current plans are going to steer you towards achieving those goals. If you need to improve on the amount you have in your pension pot you might consider pension transfer options among other things. Whatever you do you can see how important it is to start budgeting and to use this planning tool wherever you can.

Budgeting isn’t difficult but it never seems like the most important thing you could be doing, does it? Take heed though – if you do sit down and get started with a budget plan you will feel empowered by the results. No matter how much or how little cash you have and whether you choose pension transfer options or not, you will feel better knowing the facts and working with them.
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Get Great Insurance Deals for Your New Home

If you are moving into a new property in the near future, you will no doubt be thinking about getting a decent deal on insurance. This article provides suggestions that will help you in this respect, to enable you to get the deals you really want.

Every home needs insurance. It helps you protect your property and your belongings in case anything dire should happen. While contents insurance isn’t compulsory it does protect you against theft and the loss of your belongings in other situations as well. Buildings insurance is definitely required because it will cover your actual bricks and mortar home if anything should happen to that. No one wants to think anything could happen to their home, but if it did at least you would know you had cover.

Flood insurance

The question is how you can find the best deal for your needs in terms of insurance. There are lots of insurance companies to choose from and this can make things challenging when it comes to finding a good deal. However if you spend some time researching the various opportunities and companies available to you, it becomes easier to see the wood for the trees, so to speak.

The first thing to think about is whether you want to get your buildings and contents insurance from the same company. Many people do this because it is possible to get a discount if you do. However don’t be lured in by a discount without checking the small print first. Make sure you do get the cover you really need above all else.

Aside from this you also need to consider whether you need more specialised insurance. For example if your property is situated on a known flood plain, you will probably need flood insurance. UK properties suffered greatly in these areas at the beginning of 2014, and this was not the first time they have gone through severe flooding situations. When you have flood insurance UK you have the peace of mind of knowing you are covered in the event that the rains come down and the rivers burst their banks and affect your home.

Of course whatever type of insurance you are looking for, the key is to try as many different companies and comparison sites as you can. If you go for the first site you find that gives a decent quote, you won’t know whether another site might offer an even better quote you could take advantage of. This means you need to take your time looking round, and very often you will be rewarded if you do.

One final point worth noting concerns the small print. No one enjoys reading it but it is all there for a reason and it is essential that you take the time to read through it. You would hope never to need your insurance anyway, but if you did you wouldn’t want to discover a clause that prevents you from claiming as you intend to at the moment.

Whatever type of house insurance you are looking for, using these tips will help you find a policy you will be happy to pay for. This will make it easier to get the best deal and the best cover for your needs as well.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Six IRS Caution Signs

It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly what will trigger an IRS audit since the agency tries its best to keep industry secrets under wraps. Nevertheless, there are a number of signs which are known to be, across the board, massive red flags for an investigation.

The three basic types of IRS inquiries are matching, examination, and finally audits. Most of us are well aware of what an audit is, but what about the other two?

 Six IRS Caution Signs

The IRS database uses copies of your 1099s and W-2 forms to match the income noted on your return. If an error has surface don your 1099 showing the wrong amount, then it’s your responsibility (and no one else’s) to have the issuer redo the paperwork with the factual information. An examination is just that—the IRS needs additional personal information to authorize a claim/deduction.  

Disproportionate Donations

The IRS keeps a careful eye on the proportion of your income you give away in relation to nationwide averages for your income bracket. To put it simply, you’re not allowed to evade taxes by writing-off large philanthropic contributions. Likewise, you’re bound to raise eyebrows if you fail to submit Form 8283 for non cash donations exceeding $500. For that reason it’s crucial to file the proper paperwork and keep copies of all tax-related documents!

Rental Properties

In lieu of the recent economic downturn, the IRS has enacted a number of protocols to combat losses from passive real estate investors who offset their income using these “failed” investments. Since the early 90s, the number of real estate professional audits has risen significantly. To clarify, a “failed” investment is one that is either causing the investor the lose money in the short run because of high monthly expenses and depreciation or one that nets an overall loss at the time of liquidation. In order to legally write off losses, IRS regulations require you to spend more than fifty percent of your time or at least 750 hours each year in real estate related tasks.

Offshore Accounts

The term ‘offshore account’ may conjure up images from a James Bond or mobster flick in your mind, but to an IRS agent all it signals is tax evasion. Individuals with undisclosed foreign accounts face severe IRS penalties if they’re caught stashing away their bucks. The law states that any offshore account totaling more than 10k must be reported with FinCEN Form 114 and/or Form 8938.

Overinflated Income

The statistics suggest that only 1 in every 100 individuals gets IRS audited, however the odds change as your income bracket goes up. People earning $200,000 or more have an audit rate somewhere around 3.26 percent. That’s equivalent to about 1 in 30 tax returns. This isn’t in any way an attempt to discourage you from earning more, but just be aware that the IRS does take these factors into consideration.

“If your income has risen dramatically in the past year, or fallen dramatically, your return may be likely to trigger an audit, simply based on a computer scoring system called the Discriminate Function System, which rates potential for mistakes or dishonesty based on similar IRS returns,” says Lawrence Levy, CEO of Levy & Associates.

Writing-Off Vehicles

If you think you can sneak your “business vehicle” into your yearly write-offs, think again. Unlawfully declaring 100 percent business related use of your vehicle can be punishable by more than just a slap on the wrist. If you do decide to fully-claim the automobile, be sure to list the depreciation on Form 4562, keep timely records of all mileage, and related expenses. Heads up though—you can’t claim maintenance expenses plus insurance and other costs if you’re going by the IRS’ mileage rate.

Privately Owned or Small Businesses

Owners of small business—especially those that are cash based—are strongly advised to be honest in their declarations. Studies show that these types of business, on average, tend to declare much less than they actually take in. Remember honesty is the best policy when it comes to dealing with Uncle Sam because if he catches on to any misconduct, you’re guaranteed to be the winner at a losing game.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The How to Guide to Bad Credit Car Loans

Having a bad credit rating is not the end of the world. You will see your car loan application approved – provided you meet reputable lenders’ key approval criteria. The following five tips will help.


Always be honest in your application. That means two things: Make true statements and don’t leave anything out. “Lending money is about trust,” says Kyle Rhys from www.badcreditcarloan.com.au. “The lender needs to trust you, and you have to expect your application to be scrutinized. This means the claims you make in that application will be cross-checked against your financial records. It is always much better to paint a true picture in your application, rather than a falsely positive one.”

Bad Credit Car Loans

Credit file

Go to www.veda.com.au to see how easy it is to access your credit file. Look carefully at the entries in your file, and if you believe any error has been made, contact the company which has made the entry, and discuss the matter.

Bank account

Your bank records will form part of your application. You need to demonstrate sound money management skills. This means: regular income plus not letting your account get overdrawn. In other words, you need to spend less than you earn. Ensure that there are always sufficient funds in your account to meet regular automatic deductions, and try to save each week, if only a small amount. Regular savings are an easy way to demonstrate to a potential lender that you have sufficient income capacity to repay a loan.

Credit cards

Pay your credit card on time – and pay more than the minimum required monthly repayment. This demonstrates two things to the person assessing your application: first, that you take your financial obligations seriously. Second, that your income capacity is sufficient to more than cover your obligations.


Lenders will look for two things here: regular income and stability. If you are a casual employee, you will need to have a significant track record with your current employee. In the case of full-time and part-time employees, you will need to have worked beyond any probationary period in your current employee contract. It will be viewed positively, from a stability point of view, if you have changed jobs only a few times in the past several years.
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