Investing Money Doesn’t Always Mean Playing The Stock Market

When most of us think of investing our money, the majority will probably think about the stock market straight away. This makes sense, as it is one of the most popular methods of investing. But does that mean that it is one of the most profitable?
In actual fact, investing on the stock market can be quite hit and miss. Sure, some of the big shares can bring you large returns, but there are a lot out there that won’t bring you all the success you had expected. So, it’s always a good idea to look elsewhere for some alternative investment opportunities. That way, you can diversify your portfolio, which should set you up well for some long-term success.
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Not sure what else is available when it comes to investments? Here are some great alternatives to the stock market.


Did you know that you can now invest in commodities, such as cotton, coffee beans, and cocoa beans? Investment platforms, such as CMC Markets, have now opened up this investment area to the wider public. You can invest in these types of things by buying on the commodity index or using future contracts and exchange-traded products. It’s a good idea to speak to a financial advisor about these investments if you are new to them.

Real Estate

If you have quite a sizeable chunk of money to invest, you might want to put it in property. There are lots of reasons why property is a great way to invest your cash, but one of them has to be that it is always a safe bet. But it’s not just that there is little chance of you losing your money when you place it in property – it’s also a good investment because it can bring you excellent returns in many different ways. For instance, if you buy some real estate, you could rent it out for a monthly income and then sell it when you are ready to benefit from a lump sum.
precious metals

Precious Metals

If you like the sound of investing in commodities, you might also like the sound of putting your money in precious metals. Ones like gold and silver always do well, and they are even considered safe investments even when other areas of the market are failing. It’s easy to invest in these types of metal – you could even just buy them as they are. Gold and silver will always follow the market value, no matter if yours is in jewelry or bullions. Of course, you can also buy funds that give you the chance to invest in companies that mine for these special materials.


Yes, you read that correctly! Wine is a very good investment – in fact, it could bring you a 15% return on its value each year! It’s important that you know which wine to buy, though, so it’s worth doing your homework before you buy your first bottle. A good place to start looking for wine is specialist wine auctions.
Hopefully, all of these investments help you make some more profits !

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One thought on “Investing Money Doesn’t Always Mean Playing The Stock Market

  1. How about cryptocurrencies? The market might look scary from the outside and if you keep an eye on it on a daily basis you will go nuts, but that’s not the way we should look at it. We should invest over the long haul (5-10 years), diversify (invest in 50 or more altcoins) and reduce the risk (only invest 3-5% of the monthly income). This will bring in a very good ROI after some years have passed. What is your opinion, Denny?

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