No Win No Fee Compensation Claims for Faulty & Defective Goods

If a company supplies goods to customers it has to ensure that those goods are safe, and that they are free from any defects. The manufacturer of the goods is the one who has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the goods are not defective in any way. A producer or manufacturer is a company that makes the products, a company that imports products or even a company that manufactures products for its own stores. However, stores, retailers and other sellers like distributors will also have a responsibility that pertains to the goods that they are selling. Just like with claims for personal injury, with Faulty & defective goods, the person who is found to be liable for injuries occasioned by faulty goods will be liable to pay fines and compensation to the injured party.
The Sale of Goods Act covers purchases of goods from suppliers, shops and online and mail order retailers. The law covers in detail, the obligations of retailers, and it will provide guidance on what you can do if you want to return a product because it is faulty or damaged, or even both. You need to know your statutory rights when it comes to Faulty & defective goods. One of these rights is that you expect the goods to have reasonable quality, and this means the product should be fit for the purpose it is expected to be used for. The product should also have a nice finish and appearance, and it should be free from minor blemishes. The product should also be safe to use and durable as well. If the product fails to meet any of these benchmarks, then your statutory rights have been breached.
Faulty & defective goods also present the retailer with some obligations and they include the following. If within six months of purchase you find a fault in the product that is not caused by misuse or wear and tear, the first thing that you must do is to go back to the shop where you bought the item. The shop has a responsibility to correct this fault, and they should not try to dodge their responsibility by pointing out to the manufacturers warranty or guarantee. The seller should at least offer to repair the Faulty & defective goods, and this has to be done within a reasonable amount of time, and at no added cost to the buyer, and without any inconvenience. If there is some inconvenience involved, then the seller has to provide a replacement product which is an exact copy of what you purchsed, and not just offer you a cheap and basic model of what you bought.
Many consumers often complain that when they return Faulty & defective goods, the time taken to repair the item is usually long. Although the law states that the goods have to be repaired in a reasonable amount of time, it is not explicit in explaining what this reasonable time is. Reasonable time will be dependent on the products itself, as well as the type of problem. In most cases, shop owners will allow a customer to exchange an item, or your money can be refunded straight away. Having said that, if there is minor damage on the item that can be easily repaired, the shop owner has a right to opt for repairing the item as the first option. However, this does not bar you from returning the item if the repair work is shoddy, or if the item develops another problem.
In case you are injured because of Faulty & defective goods, then the person or company that sold the product to you cannot be held liable for the following reasons. The first one is if they didnt supply you with the product that you wanted. For instance, the company may supply you with a counterfeit item that bears the name of the manufacturer. The seller will not be liable if they were not aware that an injury could result from using the item. For instance, if the item had some chemical that the seller assumed to be safe but this was not the case. In addition, the seller cant be liable for your injuries if some alterations were done to the item after it had left the manufacturer or producer. The seller will also not be liable if the injury was as a result of poor or incorrect assembly of the item. The seller will also not be liable for Faulty & defective goods if you installed the item into another product and this is what occasioned your injury.

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