Trying to Sell? Forget About Making These Home Improvements!

Many people, when trying to sell their home, embark on many DIY improvements around the home in an attempt to boost the market value of the house for sale. Such home improvements often can increase the market value of a home but it is the sad fact that many home improvements do not offer a good return on investment and some home improvements can even decrease the value of a house on the market. Thus it is important to first research which home improvements will really increase the value of a home before embarking on any such projects. Two of the worst home projects that offer the worst return on investments are kitchen and bathroom remodelling.
A New Kitchen
A brand new kitchen will often only recoup half of what was invested in it to begin with, new research has confirmed. This will come as a shock to many homeowners who have invested in a brand new kitchen before selling a home, hoping to increase the market value of the property. Although, keeping your kitchen as clean as possible will raise the curb appeal of your home. Making sure all areas of the kitchen are spotless, including the areas where pests can appear, will allow you to focus on other elements of your home! In order to do this, contact a company like to come and eliminate any unwanted visitors from your kitchen and keep on top of day-to-day cleaning. 
A New Bathroom
Part of the reason for this is that different buyers have different tastes. Renovating any room of the home will generally not meet the desires or tastes of the person who eventually buys the home. Remodeling the bathroom is another project that many people feel will increase the value of their home but may in fact just leave your wallet feeling a lot lighter. Although a brand new bathroom may attract more interest from buyers, the return on investment is similar to that of a new kitchen – just over half. The same was also found in other rooms in the home such as the office and sunrooms that are added to homes. Freshening up the room rather than a complete re-fit could be a less expensive solution. For instance, painting the walls, adding plants, a new mirror, modern lighting, and wall signs like those by Neon Mama – all of these will help to update the room without the need for a complete renovation project. 
Double Glazed Windows
It is important to note that there are home improvements that will indeed increase the market value of a home. One such home improvement is investing in double glazing. Many homes on the market today come with double glazing as standard but for the few homes that do not already have double glazing, investing in it will generally increase the value of a home significantly.
Many homes have now invested in triple glazing in order to increase their energy efficiency. In fact, any project that increases the energy efficiency of the home is generally reported to boost its market value. This may also include investing in cavity wall insulation or loft insulation.
It has also been found that renovating entire rooms of the property is not the best way to impress potential buyers. One of the best ways to impress buyers and increase the value of a home may just be to tidy up each individual room and put a new coat of paint on the walls of each room. Doing so can make a house seem clean, neat and will appeal to buyers who wish to put their own stamp on a home. Using neutral colours around the home, replacing old carpets and bringing more light into each room of the home are all great ways to increase the value and desirability of a home without the hefty price tag.

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