US Presidential Elections 2012

It’s that time again for the United States. The 57th quadrennial US Presidential elections will be held in November 2012 and candidates are in full-swing to battle President Barack Obama for the coveted presidential chair in the Oval Office. Barack Obama won the US Presidential elections in 2008 and he will be back in 2012 to defend his powerful position.
Presidential Candidates
As the democratic candidate, President Obama, will be battling an, as yet, unknown republican candidate, and an obligatory third party nominee, who has not yet been announced either. The election process includes the nomination of a vice-president who is the helming president’s right-hand man or woman.
Presidential Election

The presidential election process starts with state level primaries that kicked off on January 3, 2012 in Iowa and will finish on June 5, 2012 in New Mexico. Because a republican nominee has not yet been announced, the ending to the primaries should reveal who will be in the running for the position.
The current economic position of the country has many voters on tenterhooks at the kind of person who will eventually win the US presidential election and take up life in the White House to run the most powerful country in the world. The lack of solutions from any of the possible candidates, including the current president has everyone hugely concerned because, at this stage, no republicans or democrats are coming up with viable solutions to the economic challenge.
Presidential Primaries
Primaries allow the voters to get to know all possible candidates for the next US presidential election, and not the just the final two candidates. Their ideas and opinions are shared on a public platform in each state where voters are given the opportunity to meet their republican and democratic candidates, face-to-face. The media coverage of the primaries focuses largely on the voters and their opinions on the candidate, who gets some coverage.
The primaries build a platform on which the candidate can build their votes. It’s a forum that plays a key function in shaping the elections, whereby weaker candidates eventually drop out of the race leaving space for new candidates taking the open slot to build on the former candidates ideas should he/she win the US presidential election.
The last US presidential elections made history when Barack Obama was elected. His ideas, opinions and solutions were revolutionary. This election may prove to be tough for him. His star has waned slightly. Unfortunately he had to weather a major economic storm, which proved to affect the entire world and he was expected to pick up the pieces. Obama may have a tough road ahead of him because ultimately the entire process allows the US voters to choose their own leader, and it’s not easy for any candidates, regardless of whether you’re the president or not. The US presidential election is democracy in its purest form.

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