Tips For Buying Short Term Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance policies are available for those who do not need a more typical insurance policy for an extended period of time. These special policies may be a good idea for those who will be borrowing someone else’s car or truck, for a family who is taking a cross-country trip in a rental vehicle, or for foreign visitors who will be in the country for just a few weeks or so.
Tips For Buying Short Term Car Insurance
Cheap short term car insurance is also available for those wanting to protect their stored vehicle during the winter storm season or as a means to cover their classic car against flood damage during the rainy season. Short term coverage could also be used for seasonal purposes or for driving during school breaks.
This type of insurance should be considered if there is going to be a temporary change of ownership in the vehicle, because the original owner may not have to pay more after reacquiring the car due to a lapse in coverage. It is important to do your research so you understand what the coverage provides and what benefits you will receive in the event of a loss.
How it Differs from More Traditional Auto Insurance
Quite often the current policy on a vehicle insures only the driver or owner of the car, and if another party is going to be using the car for an extended period of time, the owner may not wish to add this person to the policy. Instead, the new driver can get an inexpensive short term coverage plan that saves the vehicle’s owner money while fully protecting the new driver should there be an accident involving injury or property damage.
Short term car insurance can be for liability only, or can include person injury protection, uninsured motorist protection and even collision and comprehensive coverage.
Choosing The Right Policy
Anyone needing a temporary car insurance policy will want to decide what types of coverage should be included. If the vehicle is of great value, adding collision and comprehensive insurance coverage is a good idea, because it protects the value of the car itself should there be extensive damage.
Since liability insurance is required in almost every state, this would be an automatic addition to the plan. If renting a car for an extended period of time, insurance shoppers have the right to accept a policy from the rental agency or compare price quotes online.

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