Boom! States that Are Growing Despite It All

When you read the economic news these days, the last word you expect to see is “boom.”
After all, we all know it’s tough out there. Unemployment is high, growth is slow, and companies all over the country seem reluctant to hire again and get the economy back on track.
But even if the national economic picture is somewhat gloomy, there’s no reason that individual states can’t find success. In fact, there are a number of local successes that many Americans can be proud to talk about – especially people who live in the states we’re listing here.
1) North Dakota

Boom! States that Are Growing Despite It All
The national unemployment rate may not be a pretty picture, but in North Dakota the employment story is painting a very different picture indeed. In fact, in 2011, quoted North Dakota’s unemployment rate at an astoundingly-low 3.9 percent. But that’s not all. A recent boom in the oil fields of the Bakken area in North Dakota has helped to lead an energy charge across the state that is keeping North Dakotans at work. North Dakota has been growing since 2002, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been able to weather the most recent economic turbulence.
2) Alaska
It may be geographically isolated from the rest of the United States, but when it comes to economic isolation from the rest of the country, maybe it’s not all so bad. 
Boom! States that Are Growing Despite It All
That’s the case in Alaska, where the budget continues to be balanced, the energy sector continues to add jobs, and the AAA bond rating has kept the financial side of things nice and tidy.
3) Texas
The old saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” also seems to apply to economic news, because Texas in 2011 had added almost half a million new jobs in the business and financial sector over the previous decade. Texas is managing to effectively do this in a variety of sectors across the board, including everything from energy to finance. Considering Texas is also a big exporter, it’s a state that’s well set up to handle financial calamity in the future as well as the present.
4) Oklahoma
For more local growth, just check out Texas’ neighbor to the north, a state that is also adding plenty of jobs in the energy sector over the last decade. Oklahoma’s Quality Jobs program has also attracted some interest, as it rewards businesses that are able to both create and keep new jobs. Maybe that’s the type of program more states should be looking to add.

5) Wyoming

Boom! States that Are Growing Despite It All
For Wyoming, it’s all been about natural resources and mining. In other words, Wyoming is another state that has been able to add a lot of energy-related jobs over the years because of what’s under the soil. This has been one of the hallmarks for growing states across the country, which goes to show that energy just may be where the economy overall is heading. Wyoming also has a number of other healthy financial factors working in its favor that makes it a potential destination to people looking to settle long-term.
These examples give hope for the future, as well as ideas for ways these types of successes might be replicated in other areas of the nation.

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