Don’t Lose Sleep Over Debts

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week at the start of March, which is also National Bed Month.  Both of these events are there to remind us of the health benefits of sleep and its importance within our lives and, as we all know, there’s nothing worse than having a sleepless night. Unfortunately, sleepless nights are the norm for a vast number of Brits these days, regardless of whether they have the comfiest bed or springiest mattress.

This is because getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night is almost impossible for those who go to bed worried sick about their debts. Surveys have shown that up to half of British adults lose sleep over money worries – a staggering statistic.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Debts

Not getting the recommended amount of sleep can put severe pressure on relationships and also bring on a whole host of health problems, which include severe depression.  Once sleep deprivation and depression combine, there is every chance that work performance can be affected, with lack of concentration and a slow pace of work being typical side effects, not to mention mood swings.

This scenario is very much a vicious circle.  The person carrying the burden of personal debt could be too lethargic to do anything about it, due to lack of sleep, so the situation does not improve. If payments are not made on time, higher debts can build up, as interest and late payment charges are added.

The best advice is to try to attain a positive mental attitude and pick up the phone to get some sound debt advice that will help you break the pattern of cause and effect that is ruining your life.  Rather than burying your head in the pillow, make a list of all that you owe, as well as your sources of income and items of expenditure.  Armed with this information, you can take the first steps to moving on with your life.

Debt Free Direct has talked to thousands of people in personal debt  ,from all walks of life and understands the harm that lack of sleep can do.  Health issues emanating from sleepless nights include high blood pressure, a heightened risk of strokes, memory loss, diabetes and heart disease, to name but a few.  When unburdening themselves of their debt history, those speaking to Debt Free Direct’s advisers often report that they feel ‘instantly’ better.

That road to improvement can only improve as you start to tackle your personal debts and take back control over your life.  That is the aim that debt advisers have in mind when they sit down to talk to you about your situation.  Once you have regained control, better sleep patterns should start to emerge.

Putting an end to sleepless nights is something that you have in your power to do, if you are losing sleep over personal debts.  Not all issues can be resolved as successfully as personal debt so, if this is a major cause of your insomnia, do something about it.

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