Being Frugal Doesn’t Eliminate Treats

In a wayward economy it makes sense to be frugal and save for the future which may not be quite as bright as one expects it to be.  The loss of jobs and the general apathy of the economy coupled with inflation have caused more than one family inconvenience. However, by becoming sparing or economically concerned regarding food and money does not mean that treats will disappear from your life. 

Essentially treats come in two forms: Eating something special and going somewhere special. Here is how you can limit your treats in both aspects and still have fun.

Eat at Home: Cook up a Storm

One of the most common expenses is eating out. By curbing your meals eaten outside you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. Does that mean that you can no longer have an ice cream sundae each weekend? At the ice cream parlor, no, but you can fix one at half the cost sitting at home. When you consider the ingredients of a simple Hot Chocolate Fudge, you will realize that you can make the treat at home with great ease. What’s more, you will actually be able to make three sundaes at home for the cost of one in the ice cream parlor. So that is a huge saving as well as more fun for the family as they sit around the dining table and fix their own sundaes.

Being Frugal
Similarly you should pack your own lunch rather than grab a quick sandwich from a vendor and yes you should brew your own cup of coffee in the morning too. They may seem like little things but the savings do add up to a substantial bit. Simple and plain ingredients which cost little in monetary terms can be combined to provide exciting treats. A little planning and some experimentation in the kitchen is all that it takes.

Excursions on Holidays: Go to Free Places

Heading out for a day in the town on a holiday is usually a recipe for disaster when it comes to sticking to your budget. No matter how good your intentions, you will end up spending more than you intended to. In this case you need to reduce the number of excursions you take each month. Instead of heading out to a theme park, a mall, or a movie each and every weekend and spending excess money, restrict the treat to once a month. Pick a single weekend when you can do what you want to without worrying about the financial repercussions on your budget.

Other weekends can be used to take excursions to places where you will not pay too much such as a museum or a public park for a picnic. A hike in the woods or a climb up a mountain side can also be good healthy ways to spend a holiday without spending too much. There are a large number of places where you can head out to spend a day without spending any money. Just get creative about how to spend your time on holidays.

Increase Returns on Investments

While you work on curtailing your expenses to get out of debt, also work on ways to increase your income. Try to invest savings in higher return generating schemes. Consider using the services of a professional commodity trading company while making investment decisions. They can provide sound advice and good returns on your wealth, while keeping your level of risk aversion in mind.

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