13 Hidden Costs of Renting an Apartment

While you are renting an apartment, it’s not only the rent that matters, but there are also other costs associated in the process. If you are planning to shift your house, ensure that you keep provision for the following expenses…
1. Deposit Amount – Deposit amount is also known as security deposits which you are supposed to pay to the landowner while you are renting his/her premise for staying. You are expected to pay this before you move in and this is refundable subjected to the way you have maintained the house. the landowner has the right to adjust that money with any damages made by you, during the course of your stay
2. Brokerage – If you have hunted the rented place through the broker, then you need to pay his due brokerage which comes as either a month rent or somewhere close to that depends on your negotiation skills. For instance, you are looking for 1BHK flat for rent in Kolkata and you successfully get it through the broker…then the broker gets the honorarium or the brokerage 
Renting an Apartment
3. Moving fees – While shifting from your previous house to the new ones, you need to shift your belongings also…for this, you need to hire a movers and packers and definitely they are going to charge you for that…
4. Shifting charges – There are some societies who demand the shifting charges and this is very much incorporated in their society rule books. Though it depends on different societies about the shifting charges, but you need to keep a provision for the same
5. Application fee – This one is applicable for the background checks and credit score. Generally this is a non – refundable ones, if there is a denial in the approval of your profile
6. Parking – Parking is one of the important aspect, while you are looking for a rental house. If you have a car, you need to opt for taking parking place which doesn’t come within your residential package and you need to pay extra for that and sometimes it turns out to be a recurring expenses
7. Maintenance – Maintenance fees is the one, you need to incur for using the services inside the premise like lifts, pavement and other facilities and for their maintenance
8. Amenities – Many societies provides with the amenities like clubhouse, amusement, amphitheater etc. and you get access to it with a nominal subscription fees  
9. Washing and Cleaning – Initially it indicates the relevance of maid in our daily life and trust me they are indispensable for a smooth and peaceful life. Either you need to arrange one by yourself or ask for the one who is enrolled with the society…
10. Renewal – If you continue your stay and look forward to continue with the same apartment, you definitely need to renew the agreement and with every renewal the rent also gets revised…
11. Pet fees – If you are shifting with your pets, then be diligent to pick a pet friendly society and yes…there are certain charges associated with it, if the society is allowing your pet
12. Conveniences – Once you check – in you need to fix the utilities with wifi, television, fridge and other relevant stuffs and yes…these services count cash too
13. Home Enhancement – Home enhancement implies to the minor vicissitudes you need to do when you shift in your new house. For instance, curtains, getting house accessories, mop and bucket etc. and other miscellaneous stuff to ensure that the house turns into home…

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