The Power of Coins – Eight Steps to Fund Your Next Vacation

Have you ever thought about how much value your spare change is?  How much do you have lying around? In your room…in your car…in between your couch cushions?  I would imagine that you have more lying around than you think. 
How would you like to go on a vacation each year with just your coins?  The power of coins is real! Recently my wife and I took a trip where we paid for it purely from our spare change.  
Yes, you heard that right!  Not only do we have a budget and are saving money regularly, but we also have a separate jar where we collect our spare change to fund one vacation each year.  Some years we fund the entire vacation, and some years we put the money towards it. Our friends recently looked at private jet rental cost for a future trip, so we’re currently in talks about saving money to go all out and hire a private jet to take us on our next adventure. If you’re able to budget and spend wisely, then you very often have the ability to go all out and do something luxurious once in a while. This could be traveling to your next destination in style or contacting the Brando Tetiaroa reservations team to book a long-awaited luxury vacation at this dream paradise (or both!). 
saving money
You can view this as a forced vacation savings plan.  Use these eight steps to get your coin “piggy bank” going and help fund your next vacation.
Step #1 – Search Your House
Take an hour and search your house for coins.  Also check at work and in your car.    Check your room, the kitchen, in between the couch cushions…everywhere.  Look for any coin…ANY, including pennies.It all adds up, I promise.
Step #2 – Get a Piggy Bank 
Find some sort of bottle and make it your piggy bank.  This will be used to collect your coins.  Make it large, as you will be filling it all year long.
Step #3 – Use Cash to Buy Everything 
The next time you go to the store, or to the gas pump, don’t pull out your credit card.  Instead, use cash.  It doesn’t matter what you are buying…just use cash. 
Step #4 – Give the Cashier Full Dollars
Don’t give the cashier the specific amount that is due.  Instead, give them full dollars.  This means that each transaction you will get coins back.  Sometimes it will be a penny, and other times it will be more than that. 
Step #5 – Put the Coins in Your Piggy Bank
Once you get home, immediately deposit your change into your piggy bank.  Don’t go use the restroom, and don’t go eat dinner…go directly to your piggy bank.  The longer you take to deposit your coins, the higher the probability of you leaving your change laying around.
Step #6 – Keep Doing Steps #3 – 5 For 1 Year
Get into the habit of using cash to buy everything, giving the cashier full dollars, then coming straight home and putting those coins into your piggy bank.  Rinse and Repeat for one year.
Step #7 – Go to Your Bank
After one year, take your coins to your bank and ask to turn in your coins.  Most banks will have a coin tray that will allow you to count out your coins and wrap them.  Then you can turn them in for cash.  
Step #8 – Plan Your Vacation!
Now that you have saved your coins for an entire year, and have traded in your coins for cash, now it’s time to start planning your vacation.  If you have done this diligently for an entire year, then you will have a decent amount of money.  It may be $100, $250, or even more.  Use that to go on a quick getaway, or put it towards a bigger family vacation.  
Like I mentioned before, my wife and I use this method each and every year and we consistently have somewhere between $120 and $200 that we can use for vacations.  Follow these eight steps and help fund one of your vacations next year.  Never underestimate the Power of Coins!

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