Is it Good or Bad to Have Too Many Credit Cards

Today’s financial system makes it too easy to increase our personal debt, largely through credit cards. Good credit card usage is all about self-discipline and setting limits for what you should spend on and what should be deemed an emergency expenditure. Having a high credit limit puts many people at ease of being able to meet emergency expenses like an unforeseen trip to the hospital or anything unforeseen, really.
Too Many Credit Cards
Before credit companies set the credit limit for your card, it may be wise to decide for yourself what limit you wish to not exceed for taking care of your monthly expenses to make sure you don’t end up running a bill that snowballs into a huge debt that you may not be in a position to pay back. While this is an unlikely event, the prospect of it is not very appealing.
If the bank you maintain your salary account with offers a credit card, it is a good idea to opt for it as it makes bill payments and other procedures associated with handling a credit card easier, to an extent. Since you probably visit your branch regularly for other work, paying your bills and keeping tabs on your card becomes easier. It is also likely that you already have an existing relationship with bank and a good rapport with the officials and managers who will help you get the card that suits your needs the best.
It is best to have one credit card that services all your needs so that you have just one bill to pay at the end of the month and it also helps you keep track of your finances that are all in one place. At the most you could have a second one that serves as a backup.

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