Don’t Let Your A to B Soak Up All Your Money

In this day and age, it’s essential that you have a vehicle. Gone are the days when you could get by with your own two legs, and maybe a horse for those longer distances. For freedom, for work, for fun: we need to have vehicles. The only problem is that they can be so expensive. And it’s not just buying the car, either. Keeping it in good condition, full of fuel, and so on can eat into your monthly budget significantly. Below, we offer five tips that’ll cut the cost of car ownership, and still get where you need to be. 
buying a car
Learn How To Drive
OK, we’re not saying this to be cruel, but…do you know how to drive? We don’t mean physically able to operate a car, we mean do you know how to drive economically? We all fall into bad driving habits, which, as well as making use less safe on the road, can eat up a lot of the fuel we put into our car. For example, if you’re always speeding away from the lights, driving fast, and then braking late, you’ll be using up much more fuel than you need to be. Learn how to drive to get the best MPG from your car, and you’ll be spending less at the fuel pump!
The Necessary Costs
And talking of fuel, are you sure you’re getting the best deals? There are apps out there that will show where the cheapest fuel in your area is. Additionally, think about oil changes and other servicing essentials. Your car might need to have an oil change every few thousand miles, but you might not – especially if you have a newer car. Learn about what’s best for your vehicle, so you don’t spend more money than you need to.
Spend Smart
You can’t avoid certain expenses when it comes to owning a vehicle. The key is to make sure you’re spending your cash in a smart way. Take car cover. Not all car insurance deals are created equal: you might find a cheap price, but what will that protect you from? The cover might be inefficient, or you might have a really high premium, which means you could end up spending more in the long run. Find one that works for you. Some policies also have added benefits to policyholders, which might cut costs elsewhere, too. 
Tip Top Condition
Talking about ‘spending smart’, it’s important that you invest in your vehicle. Many problems connected to your car can be eradicated just be keeping on top of the car’s maintenance. Even simple things, like making sure the tires are properly inflated or having a clear air filter, can make a difference. Also, you’ll spend much less cash if you learn the basics of car repair
Other Modes
And finally, wherever possible you should think about leaving the car at home. You don’t have to drive everywhere; it can be much more economical (for your wallet, for the environment) if you take public transport instead of automatically hopping in the vehicle.

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