You Need Good Credit For These Things: And Here’s How To Get It!

Good credit means having a credit score of 700 and over. Anything over 780 is a great credit score. Why this is so important, we will look at below, but first, let’s look at ways to maintain a high credit score. As well as strategies to repair ones that aren’t so high. 
Maintain and improve your credit score 
To get a good credit score, you need to do things like paying the balance on any debts you have on time and have a credit card that is solely your own. It’s imperative that you don’t miss payments, as this can lower your credit rating. The same goes for co-signing on someone else’s card. As if they default it will be in your name. It’s also important not to apply for more than one loan, credit card, or store credit at the same time. As this can make it look like you are desperate for money, something that will also lower your credit score. 
credit score
If you already have a low credit score, and anything under 600 counts as this, you will probably be looking for ways to raise it back up again. One way of doing this is to pay off as many debts as you can. Although this won’t have an instant effect, it should help raise your credit rating over time. You can also visit sites like for more detailed advice on how to repair your credit scores. So,  allowing you to get your rating back up where it should be. 
To buy/lease house 
Now, we have established how to get a higher credit rating, it’s also important to outline why this is necessary. As why bother otherwise? Well, first off you need a good credit score to buy a house, as this is one of the factors that a lender will look at before granting you a mortgage. Also, you often need a good credit score to lease a home as well. This is because a lease is considered as a loan of sorts, and those with a poor credit score are seen to be a higher risk. 
To get a job 
OK, so you may not need a good credit rating to win your new boss over at interview, but as it suggests at, this is something that a potential employer may examine as part of a background check. Why? Well, it shows in part the type of person they are employing and whether they are organized and disciplined enough to keep their own finances under control. As well as whether they can be relied upon to make regular payments. That is why having good credit is so important! 
To buy a vehicle 
Lastly, and unsurprisingly you need a good credit score to get finance for big ticket items like a new vehicle. See thegarage.jalopnik for details on the whole financing process. As a large majority of Americans rely on their vehicles to get them to work each day, not being having access to one is going to be problematic in the least. 
That is why is so important to know how to keep your credit rating high and repair it if it isn’t. As so many things are now dependent on those three little numbers!

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