Life’s Toughest Lesson

There are certain life lessons everyone has to go through from time to time, and are so many learning curves such as school, first relationship, first job, and so on. Yet the one thing that gets us all is learning how to deal with money. You’ll have gone through the easy times at school where two dollars would last you the whole day. You’ll go through the times at college where you’re begging your parents for money so you don’t starve. Reading this you’re most likely at the time where money is either really good, or really bad. With today’s economy, it’s most likely you’re in the really bad boat. Here are some effective ways to get you out of your tough time.
Depending on your current situation, your money is either on the edge of being sort of ok. Or like many others, you’re in a crippling money crisis. In 2016, there was a total of $784 billions dollars owed in debts on a credit card. The average US household has around $16,883 dollars in credit card debts. And that’s just credit cards. There’s a whole load more in auto loans, mortgages, and student loans. So it’s no wonder why parents across the country are struggling to raise their families without increasing that debt. There are companies such as, that offers online advice which can really come in handy when there seems like no hope is left. There are other ways of clearing it down, but preventing yourself from getting their in the first place is even better.
From college age, unless you decide not to go, you will rack up a lot of debts. But this isn’t so bad, as you have to be earning a certain amount a year to begin making repayments. The repayments in the beginning will be minimal. It is a good idea however to get a part time job whilst in education. This will help relieve the pressure from your parents, and help you learn to be independent and discover the true value of money and working for it. 
Once you leave college it’ll most likely be onto a job and trying to move into your first place. This is where it all goes wrong. People are in such a rush to move out, they start looking into things such as credit cards. But at a young age, what people don’t realise is that the money they’re spending does have to be given back. It’s so easy to get carried and just spend spend spend. So before you start looking towards a card. Wait a few extra months, and work hard to save so you don’t rely on the banks. Credit cards are a silent debt, before you know it you’ll be in a situation you can’t get out of. Only get one if you know you can afford repayments. After this it’ll be onto trying to raise a family, and if you’ve refrained from getting a card up to now, sit tight! The last thing you want to do is be dealing with raising a family, whilst trying to make the horrendous monthly payments.

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