Why Buying Cryptocurrency with Debt is a Bad Idea

No matter what we hear on the news about Bitcoin investing. There is still a chance to make money from it if you go about it the right way.
Unfortunately, there are vast numbers of people who go about it in the wrong way entirely.

The Fear of Missing Out

This has had a significant factor in coin values as well as the fortunes of people who have invested. It has always been said to only invest in cryptocurrencies what you can afford to lose. If wannabe investors followed this well-advised train of thought, there would be a lot fewer investors around the globe.
This has forced many people to look at ways they can get in on the act while they don’t possess ready cash. The urge for investment is there although the thought of FOMO causes them to do the one thing you shouldn’t.

Credit Cards

This has been the primary way that new investors have found their way into investing. Bitcoin has been the significant influence that these investors do not want to miss out on.
Purchasing any cryptocurrency with any form of credit is a bad idea. The market is too volatile to safeguard what you have spent via this form of credit plus any interest payments you have to make.
Another cryptocurrency new investors choose is ETH and are in a way a direct competitor against BTC. With easy credit available.
Investors have paired these two cryptocurrencies and have these in their portfolio hoping to make enough of a profit to pay back their initial lending while retaining enough in their portfolio to make substantial returns.

Is there Another Way

Rather than risking a healthy financial future investors would be wiser to do their homework rather than jumping on the bandwagon. This makes more financial sense and would leave an investor with no debts to repay. There is also a good chance that returns could be more significant than investing in BTC or Ethereum as many altcoins have the potential to boom in the same was as BTC did a few years ago.

Which Cryptocurrency to Choose

It might sound as if BTC should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible as many altcoins are traded against this. It is wiser to fund your wallet with BTC, and then you have the best of both worlds once you have found the best cryptocurrency to invest in.
While you are studying the market, the BTC you have might increase in value. If this happens, you can leave it as is or you have the opportunity to purchase more of the altcoins you think make good investments.


This coin offers quite a bit more than regarding usability. Many payment services focus on banking institutions while Stellar has looked at the needs of individual users.
Now it is possible for users to make transfers that can happen in as little as six seconds. This works across varying currencies, so users are not tied when it comes to transferring any form of digital cash.
One tempting way to think of investing in this coin is in the current price. It pales into insignificance compared to BTC and ETH, so the number of lumens you are able to purchase is considerable compared to a fraction of a coin from BTC.
A second cryptocurrency that is ready to make waves is later in the year is priced much higher than the previous coin, although it is also very much more accessible to purchase without having to risk using a form of credit.
When this shows itself to the world later this year, it is one of the very few cryptocurrencies that stands a chance of performing the same was as BTC did in the early days.


For any investor, this coin is worth checking. It fixes many flaws that are still in BTC and is the first third-generation cryptocurrency.
With the benefits it is bringing the entire internet landscape can be changed. It also performs entirely different, so it cannot be hampered in any way if the net neutrality repeal causes any complications.
Skycoin couples with its own mesh-network which is constructed above the internet as we know it. Wireless nodes are interconnected and run efficiently, so miners have more chance of providing long-term value to the network.
Any cryptocurrency which offers end users a fast and secure system, instantaneous transactions which are FREE and prevents any data tracking or censorship is well worth considering.
Choosing cryptocurrencies which have already made their mark will cost too much to make an investment which would make returns.
They also have a higher chance of dropping in value. One reason being SKY, it can quickly become one of the very top cryptocurrencies for many years to come.

One thought on “Why Buying Cryptocurrency with Debt is a Bad Idea

  1. The only mantra I have about investing in crypto is to use money that you can afford to lose. So, naturally, if you are in debt and consider bitcoins as a way out, then you are wrong. Especially now when it has fallen so low over the last 12 years…

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