Life Hacks For Hapless Adults

Adulthood is a challenge which no one ever truly conquers. Even the most out together adult will have some things they simply don’t know how to do, so don’t fret! If you are useless at being an adult and feel as if you will never figure it all out, you just need to keep at it and be positive, things will eventually all slide into place.
Hapless Adults

Refinance your student loan 

If you are struggling for money after university and need some help paying back your fees, you can refinance the loan and actually make the payments a lot easier to handle. This can free up money every month for you to save up or spend elsewhere.

Smart doorbell 

If you have bought your first home and you work elsewhere, one of the things you will notice is how stressful it can be to order a parcel and it ends up at the depot because you weren’t in the house. To avoid this problem you can buy smart doorbell like a ring doorbell and it will let you communicate with whoever comes to the door. You can ask them to leave your parcel in a safe place and voila!

Make a meal plan 

If you are one of those people who goes to the shop with a rough list but no meal ideas, you need to stop right now. Unless you want to spend double what you need to, you need to think about writing down the meals you want to eat for the next week, and then listing the ingredients you need to buy. Plans change during the week and you may not eat every single meal you decide on, but it is much better to have that plan to stick to for your food shopping.

Get a better broadband deal

If you think you are paying far too much for your broadband at home, do something about it. Call your provider and explain that the plan isn’t working for you but you would rather stay with them than have to change providers. They will likely be able to offer you something better and cheaper in order to keep you as a customer. In addition, do some research and look at other internet providers and plans like frontier internet plans and see what they can offer in terms of price and speed in your area. You can then see if it would be more advantageous financially to stay with your current provider or to switch.

Master one task a week

If you try to become an adult overnight it simply isn’t going to work out for you. If you want to become a great adult and conquer life you need to think about how to challenge yourself to a new thing each week. One week you could apply for insurance, the next you could learn how to prune your garden… give yourself a challenge one bit at a time and eventually you’ll be the master of all.

Create autopayments 

If you are useless at remembering to pay your rent or pay for your home, it is much easier to set up a direct debit which will take the money out every week without you needing to worry about it. Your life will be made much easier and you will never have to worry about a late payment again.

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