James Dondero is The Philanthropist for Dallas, Texas

James Dondero, one of the co-founders of Highland Capital Management, has a storied past with philanthropy. For years, Dondero has been working to improve the Dallas, Texas area. In addition to co-founding the company, Dondero currently serves the organization as its president.
James Dondero attended the University of Virginia, earning a Bachelor of Science. He also attended McIntire School of Commerce, earning his education in the field of business. With his educational life behind him, Dondero began his career at JPMorgan and Chase. He has also worked for American Express and Protective Life’s subsidiary, GIC. In 1993, Dondero created his own company, Highland Capital Management.
Highland Capital Management is one of the most successful alternative credit management providers in the country. The company focuses on private equity accounts, hedge funds, and a few other types of credit accounts.
In addition to his work at Highland Capital, Dondero spends a lot of time assisting his community.
In 2001, a hippo at the Dallas Zoo passed away. Due to the event, the zoo got rid of its hippo habitat. It was Dondero who helped the zoo revive their hippo habitat. He donated $1 million to the zoo, and in return, the zoo named the habitat the Highland Capital Lodge. Thanks to Dondero, citizens of Dallas are once again able to enjoy live hippos at the Dallas Zoo.
Dondero and his company don’t restrict their philanthropy to wild life. They have also helped educational facilities. Perot Museum of Natural Science received a generous donation from Dondero. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute also benefited from the altruistic gestures of Dondero and company.
It wasn’t long until James Dondero wanted to move deeper into the world of philanthropy. James Dondero created Highland Dallas Foundation, an organization that works to decide which charitable causes Dondero and Highland Capital donate to. A variety of industries benefit from Dondero’s new charitable organization including veteran affairs, education, and health care. Dondero also often shares his wealth in the form of grants, intended to jump start a company or individual’s career.
One of Dondero’s most recent charitable ventures was a Mother’s Day event at the Dallas Zoo. The event was held in order to raise money for The Family Place and its residents. The Family Place is a facility for men who have suffered from domestic abuse. The organization received a $1 million challenge grant from Dondero’s company.
Dondero and his company are completely committed to bringing positive experiences to the Dallas area.

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