Secure your online payments and keep frauds at bay – Expert tips to remember

Have you been manually processing payments till now? If answered yes, you must be thinking whether or not there is a better way out. A decade ago, consumers were too skeptical about entering their credit card details online but today 3 among 4 people who access the internet participate in online banking. Though online payment services can seem complicated but basically it’s all about making payments easier and more convenient for your customers.
online payments
If you’re an e-commerce company who is waiting to choose an online payment gateway, you have to choose the best online payment solution that has all the best factors in it. However, it is not the only businesses should make safe online payments as consumers also need to consider their safety. Here are few tips to secure your online payments.

1. Try to have a temporary credit card

Have you heard of companies that issue you temporary credit card numbers which are usually used for making one-time purchases? While using such cards, even though a thief steals your details, it will be of no use to him. Nevertheless, such temporary cards can’t be used for making purchases that need regular payments. The limits are also pretty low in such cards.

2. Use the same computer for all transactions

How about keeping a computer that you should solely use for all your monetary transactions? Try and install Google Chrome with HTTPS and make sure you have an anti-virus programm. The computer that you use should be clean and try not to use the same for accessing social networking sites or casual net browsing.

3. Make use of a password manager

It is through a password manager that you can tackle several accounts at the same time. The password manager encrypts passwords that would appear as open text. This tool can also help you avert the mistakes that you may commit like dedicating the same password for multiple accounts. There are even few antivirus programs that include features like password security.

4. Avoid public Wi-Fi or computers

If you have to make financial transactions, make sure you use your personal computer instead of a public computer. Remember that hackers can intrude more effortlessly in a public computer and steal all your financial details and login details. In case you have urgent transactions to make, it is better to use your phone than a public computer.

5. Don’t use apps that aren’t trustworthy

You have to be aware that smartphone apps have malware. Whenever you aren’t sure of some app, don’t decide to download it. Invest some time in reading more about the app, go through the reviews, and check out its terms and conditions before downloading it. Download apps only from the app store.
Therefore, now that you’re aware of the steps that you should take in order to secure your online payments, don’t make any mistake that could cost you financially in the long run.

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