How To Keep Money In Your Pocket

We all understand that times are tough and keeping your money where it should be (in your pocket) is even tougher. 2012 is supposed to be a better year than 2011, and now that the New Year has arrived, we need to stick with our resolution of getting control of our personal finances. However, this really means we need to focus on how we spend our money. Follow these steps to do so.
1. Laundry
When you do your laundry, wash your clothes in cold water. It saves you money on your next water bill, your electric, or gas bill depending upon what you use to heat your water. This can save you a LOT of money in the long run.
2. Unplugging
Did you know that if you unplug your microwave and coffee maker when you are not using it, you can save a ton of money? It is a simple task and at the end of the year, you can really thank yourself for such a great decision.
3. Rotate your Tires
Do this egularly to make them last longer. Many of us commute to work, so this is really important. You also need to remember to keep your tires filled with air, because this helps the tread of the tire and saves gas as well.
4. Eat Better
Give up or cut back on junk food. In the end, this adds up (but unlike so many other expenses, it definitely isn’t worth it). Every time you go to the gas station for snacks, it can cost you serious money every month. If you don’t believe it, keep your receipts each month and add them up to see how much you spen impulse buying those small bags of chips or soda.
5. Tide-to-Go

One of the greatest inventions is the Tide-to Go pen. This little life saver is small and allows you to treat your clothing from being stained and ruined. If you use the Tide-to Go pen on those coffee spots, or that mustard from lunch right away, you can save your favorite sweater or pair of pants from a load of laundry (saving you money on water/electricity AND ensuring your clothes last longer).
6. Make Your Own
Make your own coffee instead of stopping in Starbucks every day. This can save you a lot of money in the end. I am not saying to cut out Starbucks all together, but use it as a treat. Maybe buy that Mocha Latte on Fridays, or even once a month. You will be surprised how much money you can save (think about it – $4 a day five days a week x 4 weeks = $80 EVERY MONTH).
7. Pack Lunch
This can save you money, so that you are not tempted to eat out every day. Although once in a while is okay to eat out with your co-workers, try to keep it so that you pack lunch more often than going out. If you’re able to, only treat yourself once a week – or less. Preparing lunch the night before is much easier than worrying about coffee in the morning, and going out for lunch costs more than breakfast, so this tip is the best one to implement if you can’t committ to both yet.
8. Lists
Create a list everytime you go to the market, and look over the flyers in the Sunday paper. This will curb your impulse to buy something you don’t need. Before making any purchase, ask if you honestly need it. This can be scary, because you want to buy that really hot pair of boots, but do you need them? If you keep asking yourself “Do I need this?” You will save so much money. Creating a budget (and sticking with it) can also help you save money.

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