Increasing Regulations on Consumer Purchases

Products that Require Identification to Purchase… and Why
Proof-of-age verification has been apparent for consumers for many years. Consumers must verify that they are old enough to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, and rated M videogames. It is practical to expect the regulation on these types of items. No one wants to discover that his child has bought himself alcohol, cigarettes, or a game not intended for young eyes.
This is definitely not anything new or unheard of, but the list of products that require an ID to purchase seems to be growing with time. Some of the items are a bit peculiar and consumers are baffled with the inconvenience, but they need to show that ID or they cannot walk out of the store with the item. It seems that lawmakers are becoming quite enthusiastic about placing limitations on products.
Consumers should ensure that they have legitimate identification cards. In recent years, identification has been required when purchasing decongestant pseudoephedrine medications. At first glance this requirement may seem ridiculous, but the reasoning is logical. The pseudoephedrine can be altered into methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is a dangerously addictive drug that wreaks havoc on users’ bodies.
Any medications containing the pseudoephedrine are now stored behind the counter at pharmacies. Consumers must prove their age and often provide additional information. The information is used to regulate the amount of pseudoephedrine bought by an individual. Limitations have been placed on the quantity a consumer can buy during a specific time period.
This information should not be alarming to someone looking to buy a pseudoephedrine for the relief of a cold, flu, or congestion. This drug is still safe and useful when used as intended. Simply take as directed and expect relief without worry.
More recently the proof-of-age requirement has expanded to include items like compressed air tanks. Compressed air tanks are often used for paintball guns, certain tools, and sprinkler systems. This is also another instance when consumers might need to provide additional information beyond birth date.
The compressed air is believed to be used by young children and irrational adults as a way to get high. Monitoring how much someone buys and how often can help decrease improper use of the air tanks and make it difficult for purchase.
Another item to add to the list is drain cleaners. The list is definitely expanding to all areas of the home and garage. Along with the drain cleaners, retailers are monitoring the amount of caustic items bought by individual and how much they bought.
Caustic items can be dangerous when used improperly, and lawmakers believed it needed to be implemented after incidents of victims being burned by drain cleaners. The occurrences were alarming and upsetting, but does it warrant regulation on the product? If this is the case, then consumers can expect the list of proof-of-age verification items to increase.

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