Day-Job Got You Down ?

Work getting you down? Sadly it’s all too common for people to have to put their dreams on hold in order to keep food on the table and a roof above. There’s no shame in putting in good solid work for an honest day’s wage, even if the job doesn’t really sing to you. It also doesn’t mean you need to put your dreams aside forever, though you might need to focus and prioritize in order to eventually make those dreams a reality. Until then, here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to that meh job.
Do : Find Zen

Whenever possible, put your job into perspective by not bringing the frustrations of the day home. And while at work do whatever you can (within reason) to make the day-to-day grind more fun. For instance, during your lunch break meet friends out at your favorite cafe, preferably outside so you can enjoy some time outside. Or maybe a solitary walk would help you break up the day, find what works for you.
Don’t : Jump Ship Without Another Job
In these difficult times there are often more than 150 people applying for every one job. So in addition to needing a diversified skill-set and exemplary resume you should also be careful to have another job confirmed before putting in your notice with your old job. And whenever you can try to avoid burning any bridges because you never know when you might need an old employer as a reference or for potential new gigs.
Do : Work Towards Your Dream Life
No matter what your interests, whether playing music, making art or creating culinary masterpieces, be sure to feed the hobbies that give you joy. Just the simple act of making time to do what you love will help make the day-job that much more bearable. And if you ever decide to turn your passion into profit then just be sure you know that sometimes hobbies retain their sweetness when not forced to bring in financial rewards. Though if you do decide that you want to make a career out of your creative gifts be sure to do everything you can to know your craft inside and out. It also wouldn’t hurt to take some business courses alongside the creative ones if you hope to make your budding business thrive.
Don’t : Self-Medicate
If your job gets you down it’s very common for people to want to “forget their worries” by overindulging in any number of things, from alcohol to gambling and on to spending beyond your means. Don’t add to your work woes by investing in unhealthy lifestyle choices. Make sure you stay within your budget and also try to even get ahead so that if you do lose your job you’ll have some sort of savings on hand to see you through for a bit.
Some say that if work was fun they wouldn’t have to pay you for it, but an ideal situation is when you can be paid to do what you love. Until that time, make smart choices on how to make the dreary work week a happier one, whether it’s by joining a rock band or taking a class that feeds your soul. However, don’t use your precious spare time making poor choices that will ultimately make your life worse.

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