Saving Money in Tough Times

With the state of the economy, it is no wonder that people are searching to pinch pennies more than ever before. Following just a few simple tips can save families hundreds of pounds (or dollars) over the course of a year. Searching weekly circulars for frequently visited stores is a great way for frugal shoppers to begin saving money. Sales typically occur weekly, and sale products will often repeat themselves over time. If the budget allows, shoppers should buy non perishables in bulk when they go on sale. Additionally, consumers should get rid of any allegiances they have for particular name brands; the key is to buy whatever brand is on sale.
To increase potential savings, sale items should always be combined with coupons. Coupon clipping can be a full time job if taken seriously; for example, coupons should be searched and clipped weekly, and they must be organized meticulously so they can be accessed easily once shopping lists are made. Amateur clippers can potentially save nearly half of their total bill, while those with great experience in couponing can work their bill down to a only handful of dollars. The biggest caution to use when combining sale items with coupons, however, is to purchase only those items which are needed. A deal on paper is no deal at all in reality if the item will never get used.
In addition to using coupons and circulars at the grocery store, it’s a good idea to place emphasis on eating around the table rather than eating out. It’s pretty expensive for a family to eat fast food all the time, but even more expensive to eat out at restaurants several times a week. A great deal of money can be saved simply by eating at home.
Energy savings is another great way to save cash. Whether people carpool, turn down their furnaces, turn up their air conditioners, turn off the lights, or hang their laundry on the line, there is always money to be saved when it comes to conserving energy. If an action is good for the environment, it’s probably likewise good for the pocketbook.
A lot of money can also be saved in buying used, and used doesn’t always have to mean old and shabby. Lots of nice clothing and furniture often make their way to secondhand shops. These items can be used as is, or they can be repurposed. Sometimes the best items for repurposing are found in basements and closets, and they can be made like new with a little elbow grease and minimal repair.
Finally, people looking to save money should never underestimate the power of a budget. Budgets force consumers to determine ahead of time where their money will go, and those consumers committed to sticking to a budget will save money in the long term.
Saving money doesn’t always have to be complicated. Watching the sales, clipping coupons, eating at home, saving energy, and sticking to a budget are simple and necessary in today’s economy.

Denny Jones

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