How to Save on Life’s “Stuff”

Life’s little extras have become a necessary evil in a fast-paced world, serving as a catalyst to help us unwind. After all, who can resist a Friday night movie after a long week at the office? While your excursions may be the only thing sustaining your sanity, think twice before surrendering your hard-earned cash on an impulse. Stress is a byproduct of life, and emptying your bank account will only make things worse. Consider the following alternatives on the path to relaxation. Who says stress relief can’t be economical?
  • Old habit #1: movie night. Tickets for two to the 8:00 p.m. show, complete with popcorn and drinks. Estimated cost: $35.00.
How to Save on Life’s “Stuff”
A date night at the movies may be fun, but $35.00 is a steep price when savings is priority #1. Why not opt for a cheaper, more comfy alternative by staying at home? Queue up a movie on Netflix and have your microwave popcorn on the sofa. If you are still determined to see a movie in theaters, shave $12.00 off the bottom line by bringing your own soda and snacks in a bag. Whether you stay home or go out, a movie night for two should never cost more than $20.00. Get creative and think of ways to save.
  • Old habit #2: dining out. Dinner for two at the average chain restaurant, or splurging on French fare at a trendy location. Estimated cost: $35.00-$85.00. 
How to Save on Life’s “Stuff”Enjoying good food without the cleanup is the ultimate relaxation outing. A leisurely, comforting dinner is sometimes the best thing after a long day. However, the overall cost may lead to additional worry. Keep the stress off your bank account by placing a “special occasion” tag on restaurants. Save money and have fun by learning a trade of your own. Write down some of your favorite dishes and search for easy recipes to help you create them. If you crave comradery, get your friends involved by hosting a rotating pitch-in dinner on Saturday nights. The bottom line: you don’t have to pay top-dollar to enjoy a good meal with good company. Create your own dining ambience.
  • Old habit #3: shopping. Estimated cost:?
How to Save on Life’s “Stuff”

The sky’s the limit on this one. Whether you are spending a few extra dollars at the grocery store or a few hundred at a high-end boutique, shopping to relieve stress is an oxymoron in the world of personal finance. Why deplete your savings to satisfy a fleeting impulse? –Therein lies the keyword: impulse. The need to accomplish something can be overwhelming when stress is in the mix. In the case of shopping, the gratification is immediate. You enter a store, pick something out, and then you buy it. Mission accomplished.
Why not channel that nervous energy into something more productive? Adopt a hobby to keep your hands busy and your mind focused. Rather than spend money, create something to help others or start your own side business to add to the family income. Are you a decent craftsman? Take a class to hone your skills and improve the value of your home with small improvements. Are you gifted in graphic design? Start a freelance business to make some extra cash and pad your portfolio. Why buy beautiful things when you can create them yourself? Hold financial safety to a higher standard by spending your money wisely.

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