The All in One Convenience

Life without Fuel Cards

The All in One Convenience
The development of motor vehicles as a means of transport has taken the modern world by storm. It has also led to an avalanche of development of other supporting industries. The petroleum industry is one such beneficiary. The biggest part of any motoring budget is spent on fuel. Consequently, it is this fuel budget that is the target of fraud by employees of transport companies. Most petroleum dealers only accept cash in exchange for fuel and this forms a loophole in the management of cash flow of most transport companies. This problem has been a constant headache for many companies until fuel cards were invented.
Fleet Management
Most transport companies operate several vehicles at once. These vehicles are rarely in the same place at the same time. It is therefore difficult to manage them especially as far as fuelling and other cost management is concerned. A convenient way of achieving this is through the use of a fuel card. The data gathered by this card gives useful information to fleet managers on issues such as how much fuel each vehicle in the fleet used within a given time. When combined with other aspects of transport management, a fuel card makes fleet management easier and more accurate.
Cost Cutting
Buying fuel on a cash basis often causes motorists to ignore small differences in prices between different suppliers. Collectively, these small variations make a big difference if there are considered. By using a fuel card, a motorist sticks to one supplier and can easily negotiate for prices which are often below the market rate. These savings together make a big difference in the expenditure of the company and contribute to increased profits. It also leads to fewer losses through fraud since drivers and other operators do not use cash.
Hassle Free Cards
Most fuel cards require a lot of paper work before they are issued. One needs to give much information some of which may be confidential. There however exist hassle free cards which do not require so much information to be given out. These make it easy for a fleet manager or owner to just walk up and acquire one. This results in a process that is efficient and less time consuming.
All in One Card
Some fuel cards are intended for use with only one vehicle. They cannot be used for a fleet of vehicles. Others are not multi-functional and can only be used for fuel. They are not adopted for use with other things such as lubricants and accessories. They are also not useful in different countries and can only be used in the country of issue. The best card to get is an all in one card. This allows a company to use it to fuel all the vehicles in its fleet. It can also used to buy other accessories and it comes with extra features such as insurance portfolio management.

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