What can fuel cards do for you?

So you may be wondering as to why you might want to get a fuel card? Perhaps even hesitant due to the fact that it’s a credit card? I used to feel the same way until I discovered all the benefits they can provide.
So what is a fuel card?
A fuel card is much like a credit card but for use only at the pumps. Just as with credit cards, there are many different types, all with different features and exclusions which are important to take into consideration. 
Why do I want one?
A fuel card might not be for everyone but I personally decided to get one due to the perks you can get. Imagine you are in control of a fleet of different types of vehicles, and you want all the drivers on the move without having to mess around or waste time getting their cars filled. A company set of fuel cards means that they can always easily fill up their vehicles, have the transaction information sent directly to you online, and get back on the road fast.
What can fuel cards do for you?
For an individual user such as myself, the competitive prices were the main factor. The two main types of card are the “fixed weekly prices” card, and the “competitive price at pump” card. When a price is fixed for the week, it means that regardless of what’s shown on the forecourt, you’ll pay the one price for the following seven days of the set date. The weekly price is given to you online and any of the participating service stations which use the card will give you that price. This is extremely useful during times of high fluctuating fuel prices. Competitive pricing is when the users of the card will have a lower cost than the national average by a few pennies.
What should I remember?
It’s always wise to do some research before signing up for anything. In this case, it is a credit card. Make sure that you pick the right card for you. Each card is linked to various service station companies or independents, and the various cards also have the potential to change the monthly costs of your vehicle.

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