4 Little Things You Could Do To Help Your Debt Situation

We all go through phases in our lives when we get ourselves into debt. Whether you’re in a little bit of debt, or way over your head, there are little things that you could be doing to take the load off your back. It may not wipe your debt, but it will be a step in the right direction. In this article, there will be some smaller ideas for you to try that will ease your situation.
1. Unwanted expenses
Do you really need the whole package when it comes to your TV deal? Removing the programmes that you don’t watch or at least need for the time being will dramatically reduce the amount you’re paying each month.
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Do you have any magazine subscriptions that you could sacrifice until you’re in the clear? Look around your home for any that you can cancel. Their number will likely be on the magazine somewhere. You might not be paying much for it each month, but the amount soon adds up.
Direct debits for things that aren’t essential should be cancelled too. If you’ve got online banking, you can see all of your direct debits and cancel them yourself. If however, you’ve got a standing order, you may need to phone the company and cancel it manually. Don’t let them talk you into staying. This could be for things like extra online storage for your phone or computer. Let’s face it, that’s a luxury that can hold off until you’re back where you want to be.
Look at your grocery bills over the last few months and ask yourself whether you absolutely needed all of the things you bought. It’s very likely that many of the items weren’t necessarily needed. Things like alcohol, chocolate, chips and other treat items should be left out until you can afford to treat yourself to them.
2. Travel
How do you travel to work? Look at the pros and cons of each method you could take to travel to work. In some cases, public transport is cheaper than running your car. 
Depending on how far you have to commute to work, consider walking. Even though this may seem frustrating, not only will you save money on travelling, you will get much fitter by walking. Especially if you’ve chosen to cancel your gym membership.
Ask family members and friends if they could possibly take you to and from work in exchange for help with something they need. Often family members will be more than happy to help. If this isn’t an option for you, why not ask a colleague to collect you, and you could contribute towards their fuel costs. Even though here you would be spending money, it’s likely that it’s a considerable amount less than what you would be paying for your car or public transport.
3. Career
A slightly bigger and bolder move, but a career change may be something you want to think about. If you’re not earning what you need to survive, then look around for jobs that could offer you a higher salary.
If a career change would be too much of a disruption, look into whether you’re being paid enough for what you’re doing. Speak to employment law solicitors, they are specially trained to know your rights and fight your case for you. Even though this may cost you some money, it could be worth it in the long run to get that rise that you need to pay off your debt.
Consider taking on more hours (if at all possible) when the opportunity arises. Any extra money you make you could put towards paying off your final debt.
4. Sell your stuff
If you have unwanted things lying around your home, sell them! It’s really easy to do nowadays. It could be done by selling online with services like Amazon, where all you have to do is create a detailed listing, upload a picture, and then when it has sold post the item to the buyer. A quick and easy way of making money.
Often, people find hidden gems in their homes when it comes to selling their belongings. You may have something that is well sought after, that will sell for a decent amount of money. Do your research before selling.
There are loads of ways to save money, and make money. All you have to do is look around you to see what is unnecessary, and if you have hoarded any items that you no longer need. It’s really easy to save money by making small changes to your lifestyle, so start today!

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