Freedom Debt Relief Has Some Tips For Frugal Living

The word “stingy” brings up a negative image, doesn’t it? Stingy just isn’t cool. But you know what else isn’t cool? Creditors calling you repeatedly to collect on your past due bills. High interest rates. Over-the-limit fees…you get the picture. Maybe if you were just a little bit stingier, you could experience the freedom of living debt free – because that is cool. So today, Freedom Debt Relief is celebrating stinginess, and you can too. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring a little stinginess into your life.
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Shop for Discounts
Need laundry detergent or toiletries? Don’t just throw your “usual” in the basket the next time you are at the grocery store. These are items that you can save significantly on if you are smart about it. According to Freedom Debt Relief, there are tons of coupons every week in your local papers for these types of items. Plus, when it comes to toiletries, some stores even offer their own brands that are cheaper. They have the same active ingredients as the brand they are replicating, but at a lower price.
Take your Lunch to Work
You’ve probably heard this “stingy” trick repeatedly, but that is because it works. According to one recent report, the average American eats 4.2 meals out every week. And these meals average $12.75 each. That adds up to $53.55 every week! If you spent this amount for all 52 weeks of the year, you would spend $2,784.60. What else could you use this money for? Freedom Debt Relief recommends that you get into the habit of bringing your lunch to work more often. If the average frozen dinner costs $4, you would save $8.75 per meal. Better yet, if you want to be really stingy, bring your leftovers from last night’s dinner – in Tupperware.
Buy Things Secondhand
There are so many great things that can be found secondhand. Clothes at thrift stores, furnishings at antique or “junk” shops, garage sale treasures, the possibilities are endless. Plus, today you can even find things online through sites like eBay, OfferUp, or Facebook’s marketplace. According to Freedom Debt Relief, Goodwill even has an online store now. It may take a little more work to find the things that you want, but you can save significantly. So, the next time you are looking for something new, consider buying it secondhand. It will still be new to you.
Unsubscribe to Promotional Emails
This may sound silly, but it works. Remove the temptation by removing what is tempting you. After all, how hard is it to resist opening an email with a subject line that reads 75% Off! But once you open it, you risk making an impulse purchase on something that you really didn’t need (but you had to have it because the price was too good to pass up). Freedom Debt Relief suggests that you unsubscribe to all your promotional sites. And if there is something you do need and are ready to purchase, you can always go to your favorite store’s website to find the latest promotion.
Being stingy may not sound cool, but when you see just how much you could save, it certainly feels cool!

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