Smart Safety Tips for Online shoppers in 2021

Traditional Markets are gradually losing their place in the world’s marketplace as the introduction of technology and its offerings have created the medium for people to shop online.

Many vendors have caught on, by creating online presence for their physical business, be it through websites, or social media platforms. Major e-commerce businesses like Amazon, Ali Express, and eBay are bossing the center stage and generating revenue via their online platforms.

online shopping

Several vendors do not even have physical shops, so they resort to creating and registering their online businesses so customers can patronize them through their accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

While the advent of online stores has helped to ease the stress on the average consumer, it also places them at risk as several stores provide goods that are either of sub-par quality or damaged.

There is also the chance of being duped by scammers who pose as online vendors trying to sell goods.

Below are a couple of tricks to help you shop online successfully:

5 Tips for Online Shoppers

  • Use Credit Cards – While making payments on any online platform, always insist on paying with credit cards rather than wire transfer. The advantage of this mode of payment is that the transaction can be easily traced in case of a scam. Additionally, the customer is protected by law if the goods are faulty, defective, or unsatisfactory.
  • Review Purchase Policy – In a bid to protect the seller, some vendors operate a zero refund policy as people can be quite tough to deal with.

This policy exposes you to the risk of being stuck with bad or sub-par products if the seller does not deliver as intended. Before shopping online, ensure they operate a refund policy just in case the product is not up to taste.

  • VPNs – The activities of hackers and cybercriminals has compromised several networks and browsers.

To protect your personal and credit card information, it is necessary to download a VPN that will encrypt your connection every time you make payment. This prevents hackers from gaining access to your details.

  • Use Trusted Stores – there are several scammers out there looking to prey on unsuspecting people. Before patronizing any outlet, it would be wise to check their history and possibly reach out to previous customers.

This is to ensure that you get quality returns for your money. If you want to avoid this stress altogether, shop from popular and reputable brands like Amazon and eBay.

  • Avoid Public Shopping – If you are trying to get something online, avoid using public computers in libraries and cafes as these sites tend to retain customer credit card information for that device to allow for a faster payment process at a later time.

Using Public Wi-Fi could also be dangerous as they are easily compromised by cybercriminals who use them to get access to user information.


The ease that online shops have provided is undeniable, and their influence keeps growing as recent studies show that there are almost 25 million online shops in the world.

Properly navigating to avoid scams is not an easy task, but the above tips should help you get the best possible online shopping experience.

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