5 Ways to Buy Things for Less

Shopping is every woman’s favorite task. Unfortunately, not all women are wise shoppers. Some women find themselves wallowing in debt because of being such a shopaholic, and on the other hand, shopping can also be a great way to relieve one’s self from stress, especially if you know the ways to buy things without blowing your budget. If you are a frequent shopper, read further for some useful tips that will help you buy.


What you want while saving some money at the same time:

Avoid paying the full amount

Before you approach anyone in the counter, try to ask those sales people first to see if there is a way for you to avoid paying that item on full amount. This is when you should practice your negotiating skills. Be friendly enough to ask for a lower price or be flexible enough to opt for some other similar items that are being sold at a lower price.

Shop at consignment stores

There are plenty of brand new items in consignment stores that are being sold at a fairly low price compared to those items that you see inside boutiques and other exclusive stores. If you are planning to buy any piece of furniture or designer clothes, check out those consignment stores first before visiting any other stores.

Be an avid coupon collector

You may think that what you save from using your coupons is a very small amount but once you add these savings say, for a month you will realize that you have already saved a lot. Try looking for some manufacturer’s coupons on the internet and visit websites such as Coupons.com. These sites offer special promos and coupons to their subscribers. You can even take advantage of their incentives that are usually offered once you sign up for their mailing list.

Use your age

You may say, “What? My age?!” Yes, you can certainly use your age to your advantage. This is so true especially if you are a senior. Try asking for a discount and be ready to show them your valid ID. Most stores offer hefty discounts to senior citizens. If you are still a student, you may also ask the store manager if they offer special discounted prices to their customers who are still students.

Go for generic brands

As mentioned earlier, be flexible enough when it comes to considering some other options even if this would mean that you have to buy an item with a generic brand. If the expensive brands are way beyond what your budget dictates, be willing to just settle for a generic brand. The truth is that there are also generic brands that could almost equal the durability and quality of expensive-branded items.

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