The potential prospects of pursuing doctorate in business administration

Are you someone who is planning to earn your DBA online to heighten your career opportunities and salary level? If answered yes, this is a great starting point to dive into the list of jobs that you can grab with an advanced business administration degree.

business administration

The best thing about online DBA programs is that they can improve the careers of the students by equipping them with advanced skills like business intelligence, data-driven decision making, and ethical leadership. Here is a short list of the career options you are open to.

Business Consultant

Business consultants usually work with organizations and corporations to achieve their company-specific foals. Consultants can work on a particular company project like expansion or reorganization of their organization. The job of the consultant will be to review information and data about the company and give recommendations for best practices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the roles of business analysts will grow by 15% between 2021 and 2030. They draw a median annual salary of $87,560.


Economists study current trends, data, and other economic issues to understand the different aspects of distribution and resource production. They might perform statistical analysis, conduct surveys, and utilize technological tools to evaluate the effectiveness of economic trends. Professionals working in economics will find that having a doctorate in business administration will improve their ability to make forecast trends and interpretations about the marketplace.

C-Suite Executive

Professionals with a doctorate degree in business administration along with several years of experience in the field can enter C-suite roles like chief administrative officer, chief executive officer, or chief operations officer. These professionals have the duty of supervising several of the major aspects of a company, like budgeting, employee teams, and projects. With the shift in marketplace towards metrics and data, executive leadership roles are highly technical.


Professors who already have a doctorate degree in business administration can take classes in colleges and university’s business schools. Their subjects will cover management skills, business practices, and ethical leadership. Professors must meet the students, discuss their papers and exam grades, make lesson plans, and conduct a survey to create a scholarly article. There are projections of a 14% growth rate of post secondary teachers between 2021 and 2030. In May, 2020, the median annual salary for these professors was $80,570.

There is no doubt that the marketplace is in dire need of data-savvy leaders. By earning an online doctorate in business administration, you can improve your career potential and your salary-earning capability.

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