Money Saving Tips for the 20 Something

Achieving financial independence is a rite of passage for the 20 something year olds; however in today’s economic climate more and more people in their 20s are finding themselves living with their parents or at least being bankrolled by their parents. Here are some tips to help 20 somethings begin to save money.

Money Saving Tips for the 20


It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are single or in a relationship or where you live. Everyone should have a budget. List your income and your expenses, including big expenses such as rent, as well as small expenses such as movies, meals out or drinks from the vending machine at the gym. Starting out with a budget will help you get on track financially right from the beginning.

Get On Top of Your Debt

Many people in their twenties have just finished college and have a string of debt behind them from student loans to credit card loans and more. Make sure you know exactly what you owe and when so that you don’t miss any payments and impact your credit score.

Check Your Credit Report

Check your credit report to make sure it is correct. There can be mistakes and these should be fixed up before they impact your credit score.

Use Technology to Help You

If you are in your twenties, you probably use technology all the time for all types of things. The good news is that you can use technology to help you save as well. There are apps available for just about all your financial needs.

Set Up a Savings Account

Set up a savings account and start depositing into it (preferably by direct debit) before you get used to spending that money. Get into the habit of saving early and it will remain much easier to stick to. 

There is no point clearly defines our goals, make a plan of action to achieve them, and display them if we do nothing to fulfill them. In addition to implementing the provisions of your plan of action, act could also imply that take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and you look these and not just dedicate yourself to expect them; For example, if your goal is to get a couple, not just wait for the opportunity to appear, but go look, for example, going out with friends or attending a course.

Also act could also imply that you prepare for when an opportunity arises; for example, while waiting for an opportunity where you can get a couple, you could go preparing for when he appears, for example, learning to be more assertive or improving your physical appearance.

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